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Let me introduce myself. I’m a mummy to 2 cheeky kids. A gorgeous, chatty, headstrong girl and a beautiful, bruiser of a boy. I’m also a registered midwife since 2006. Now I’m a parenting and lifestyle blogger too!

After having my second baby I decided to have a career break. Sample being a SAHM! It was then I decided to start writing my blog. I’m not sure why, but I was surprised to find writing therapeutic. After reading some amazing blogs and writing my own, I wanted other mums and dads to know they weren’t alone. Talking Mums is a place for me document our challenges, triumphs and adventures. A place to share my amazing joys, laughs, tears and incredible fails in parenting.

As a family we love the outdoors and visiting new places. Wellies and walking shoes are our best friends! As a couple, a typical night consists of a bru or a glass of wine whilst watching box sets on Netflix.

From a health professionals point of view I also wanted families to know what isn’t normal and when to seek help. I’m very keen on supporting campaigns for better awareness on pregnancy, health and parenting related issues.

Talking Mums is from one imperfect parent to another. Attempting to make memories to smile about. Come and read the blogs, join the chat and lets support each other on this incredible journey.


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