The Pains of Being a Parent

There are so many changes that our bodies go through during pregnancy. The voluminous hair which suddenly starts dropping out post-partum, the weight we either gain or lose in excess, the stretch marks – and this is naming but a few. Regardless of what we go through during those nine months, there are things that we need to take care of on our bodies even when the baby’s actually out. These are things which can not only add to certain aches and pains that we are feeling, but are actually causing the uncomfort itself.

Back Pain

If you have been experiencing back pain, it can be down to a number of things – especially if you’re a parent. Constantly bending down to pick up a child that’s only getting heavier by the day can be an additional weight that your back can’t quite face up to. Looking up good lifting techniques isn’t beneficial only for those who do a lot of physical labour throughout the day, but can be good for you too. All of the lifting out of difficult places like cots, car seats and playpens can put extra stress upon your back, so just take some time to be careful and get yourself in a good position to avoid injury. Back pain can also be caused by an old, damaged or generally poor quality mattress. It is recommended that you change your mattress once every eight years to ensure a good night’s sleep; there are even places like ChooseMattress who specialise in mattresses to help eliminate aches and pains that are felt in the back. It is a good investment for over the years, especially if it helps you to get back to feeling how you should.

Headaches and Migraines

There are a lot of stresses that come with being a parent, and these can all add up to cause headaches and migraines. There are little steps that you can do, such as putting down technology and taking a step back from social media, if you know that the headache is spurred on by these. Taking some time to just sit and chill by yourself isn’t a bad thing – you can’t be a fully focused parent 24/7, especially if you aren’t making allowances for yourself. You are their number one, and number ones need to always ensure that they’re in check.

Neck Pain

This is heavily related to the things that you are doing related to back pain. Even just sleeping at a funny angle one night can see your neck pain increase. Making sure that you have a good, firm pillow to rest on (and they’re not piled too high!) can help you to eliminate neck pain if this is the source of it.

If certain aches and pains are getting too much, book in with your doctor to get them fully sussed out. If you know that the little changes that you are making to help eradicate them just aren’t working, it’s better to see if it’s something more serious than living with it untreated.



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