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11 Ways I’m Prepared for the School Run

I don’t know about you but In our house we are always losing things. Every single day a lost item puts a spanner in the works. I get up, get organised and seemingly everything is going well. Are we ready for school. “Yes, we are” I will think rather proudly. No poonami’s with the toddler, book bag is ready and then with 5 minutes to go before we need to leave it happens.

“Where is your drinker?”

“Where is my purse?”

“Where is your other shoe?”


How is it possible to lose so many things is a small space of time and all within your own house? Why can’t my brain function properly? We had the flippin things less than 24 hours ago. Oh yes I was awake about 4 times in the night….thank you very much Pud! Sleep deprivation causes havoc with my ability to function.

My OH is the worst. He leaves the house before we do. So I kind of give him priority on getting ready. Again everything is going well, he’s out of bed on time and good moods all round. Then at the last minute smiles turn to frustration of the prospect of a missed train because he can’t find his wallet. Often Pud gets the blame, he does like to empty daddy’s wallet but I say he shouldn’t have left it within his reach. Quite often he’s just actually put it out of the reach of Pud and forgotten where he’s put it!

It’s no wonder we all love the weekend. I do not miss this chaos of week day mornings.

I’ve tried a few things to be more organised though, these ideas are not rocket science they just need a bit of motivation. For me that motivation is not suffering the consequences the following morning.

#1 I aim to get everything prepared the night before. I know this is a task in itself but it saves the panic in the morning. Of course there are nights when I simply can’t be bothered but being prepared really does make way for a better morning.

#2 I’ll wash her drinker and leave it by the sink ready to fill up.

#3 I’ll make sure both their shoes are in the shoe cupboard.

#4 I try to get up on time. Those extra 15 mins lying in because by a miracle the kids are still asleep just aren’t worth it.

#5 Uniforms are hung up ready for Pops to dress herself if needs be.

#6 Breakfast is always before getting dressed so we don’t have any slopped food down clean uniforms.

#7 The keys are left in the key box.

#8 I check the school calendar to make sure I’ve not forgot about one of the many non-uniforms days / dress up days / fundraising event etc

#9 I make sure she has change for her hot snack or put her a morning snack in her book bag ready

#10 I will always try to place my purse back in my bag. That way I know where it is.

#11 I use TrackR for those items that always go missing (my purse and the OH’s wallet!)

TrackR Pixel

A little review of TrackR.

I really like this tiny device. It’s the size of a 10 pence piece and sits neatly in my purse. It does come with a little sticker so that you can attach it to an object such as a TV remote. It has a little lanyard so that you could attach it to a bag.

You pair it up with your phone and you can also then pair your phone up with “Alexa” the Amazon Echo.

TrackR mobile app

Once setup you simply press the call button on the TrackR app and the TrackR device will ring. The locator on your phone will indicate how close you are getting to your missing item. The device works off Bluetooth so doesn’t work once you are out of bluetooth range from the missing item but you can activate the crowd locator function. So it works best for items lost within the home.

I can ask “Alexa” our Amazon Echo Dot to find my phone using the app too!

How do you get organised for the morning? Share your pearls of wisdom.


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  1. By getting perpared the night before, eg getting the school clothes on top of the stairs for the kids and packed lunches/tuck shop run done the night before

  2. I’m so disorganised, but when I go back to work, I’m going to have to get back on it! I think the key is to get things sorted the night before, like you say. I’ve had to pop my TrackR on my keys as I’m forever putting them down and losing them! Thank you for linking with #blogstravaganza

  3. Although its hell, I get up 10 minutes earlier than I need too. When something inevitably goes wrong, I usually have time to sort it out

  4. Organisation is Key with 3 kids.
    Try and know where everything is the night before. But we do loose the odd shoe or school bag every now and then lol x

  5. The kids take turns setting up breakfast ready for the morning. They help themselves in the morning and get juice from a jug so it leaves me time to make lunches without running about. No TV on and no gadgets until completely ready


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