20 Wishes for 2017

This is the first time I’ve taken part in a blogging tag, so thank you so much to Laura from FiveLittleDoves for tagging me.

5 personal wishes

  1. To be more organised with day to day routines so I can be more efficient with everything that is going on. It feels as though there is so much to fit in a day and I don’t really do much planning. I therefore spend evenings worrying that I’m late for something or I’m not going to have time for everything.
  2. On the same note, I need to make sure I manage a little ‘me’ time. Even if it’s just an hour here and there. Again if it’s not planned it’s hard to make it happen. Having a little time to ourselves is so important. It’s a time in which we can be ourselves, reflect and relax.
  3. I’ve started a career break. I have 5 years before I go back to work. I know, I’m incredibly lucky. So I hope to make the most of it from numerous aspects. Mainly for my family.
  4. To be more healthy. I know, I know everyone says this. New Year, new me and all that. But really, I’ve had enough feeling fat and frumpy and unhealthy. I moan about it so much so I need to make changes and now is the time!
  5. To worry less! I worry about everything! I don’t know why. My energy levels run low with a toddler that doesn’t sleep so why I waste that energy on worrying is beyond me. Time to stop.


5 blog wishes

  1. I’m a newbie when it comes to blogging so I have so much to learn. In fact my first wish for my blog has kind of already come true. I was determined to attend a blogging conference in 2017. I want hear about the knowledge and experience of other bloggers. So I booked a ticket for BlogOn in Manchester in May. I simply cannot wait. I’m a bit nervous as I won’t know anybody. So far in the blogging world I know blog names but not real names so it will be fascinating to meet the faces behind the blogs.
  2. For my blog to be read by more people and to grow an interactive following across all social media platforms. I feel like I’ve made a good start.
  3. I have so many ideas for my blog but don’t yet have the confidence or skills to put them into action. Hopefully by the last half of 2017 I will feel ready to spin out some of my ideas.
  4. I would love to collaborate more with other bloggers. Guest posting, guest hosting linkies and generally get to know a community of bloggers.
  5. I want to focus on more posts that are from the heart and will be of help to others.


5 Family wishes

  1. My first wish for my family is always the top of the list. Health and happiness always. I try my best as a mum and girlfriend to keep my family healthy and happy but only so much is in our control. The rest I can only wish for.
  2. For a fun filled UK holiday over the summer. We are hoping and planning to hire a motorhome and travel north up to Scotland, perhaps Loch Lomond and then the southern Highlands, then head back down via Edinburgh, Whitby Bay and then to one of my favourite places Bolton Abbey. Planning starts soon as we try to identify interesting places to go. We’ve never had a holiday like this so it should be interesting.
  3. To engage in more groups/classes for Pud. I’m having second child guilt syndrome. I did so much with Pops and so far with Pud we go to a playgroup some Tuesday’s. He’s 11 months now and I really think he would love some new activities. He does deserve the same effort I put in for Pops after all.
  4. To see more of my wider family. We’re all so spread out over the UK it’s hard to keep up with everyone.
  5. For Pops to continue to do well at school. She started in reception in September and so far she loves it. In fact today she came home with a Head Teachers Award for ‘brilliant independent number work’. She was beaming. She makes me so proud. But most of all I just want her to be happy and confident in school. There are so many pressures on kids and it gets harder as they grow older. I want her to have a good start.


5 Hopes and wishes

  1. For Donald Trump to surprise us and actually be a humane and intelligent guy…hmmm this might be more a pipedream than a wish but here’s hoping!
  2. Health and happiness not just for my family but for all those that I know and care about.
  3. For those families whom I know that are having troubled times, I hope for them resolutions and healing.
  4. To actually get started on the plans for our house.
  5. For my other half and I to dedicate a bit more time for each other. After Pops we tried to have a date night every month – 6 weeks. After Pud we’ve managed 2 date nights so far. He’s nearly 1!


Health and happiness everyone and thanks for reading.

The Pramshed


  1. Ah you’ve got some great wishes here! I hope you manage at least some of them! Just a thought, as someone that suffers from anxiety, the lack of sleep could be contributing to your worries…I know there’s not a lot you can do about that but maybe something to think about? #fortheloveofBLOG


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