4 Easy Halloween Crafts

Check out these simple halloween craft ideas. Bake spider biscuits or make ghost lanterns.

Once in awhile I get all creative. There are just some days when the thought of all the mess leaves me reeling with horror but on my better days I just think sod it, let’s make a mess and enjoy making something. Even better when you can eat the end product!

Talking of horror, the other weekend we tried out some Halloween creatives. Check these out.


#1 Spider Cookies


I tend to use Pinterest for ideas and found these by Lauren, Tastes Better from Scratch

Either make the cookies like we did. Buy some ready made or go in between and buy cookie dough ready to make.

Just before you put the cookies in the oven, place some brown m&m’s or smarties or chocolate chips on top of the cookies, give it a little push into the dough. Make sure you leave enough room between the chocolate to ice/draw legs on after. Cook in the oven for about 10-12mins. Cookies will still be soft when you take them out of the oven. Leave them for about 10mins to firm up before lifting them onto a cooling rack.

Once cool use either chocolate in a tube, brown icing in a tube or make your own melted chocolate or icing. If making your own place the icing or melted chocolate in a sandwich bag and snip the smallest piece of the corner. Draw on the spider legs and leave to set.


#2 Vampire Teeth

Vampire Teeth

Another Pinterest nod to Christy, The Girl Who Ate Everything.

Make extra cookies like we did. Once cooked, slice or break them in half. On one half spread a strip of red icing along the edge (this will be the bloody gums) place mini marshmallows along the icing like teeth. For the fangs use white chocolate buttons chopped in quarters and place between the marshmallow teeth. Alternatively you could use almonds or seeds. Spread red icing on the other half and place on top. You may need to hold in place for a minute or prop up until the icing firms up.


#3 Ghost Lanterns

Ghost lanterns for halloween

Ghost lanterns for halloween

Thank you again to Pinterest and The Veggie Mama

Grab any glass jars you can find. Get some slim bandage. I used a glue gun to stick the first bit to the glass. Wrap it around to cover the glass and glue in place at the end. You could try tying the bandage if you don’t have a glue gun. Stick on some googly eyes and to make it look a little more authentic, use a pair of scissors to snip small holes and rough up the edges.

Pop in a candle and arrange your ghoulish group.


#4 Pumpkin Candle Holders

Halloween crafts

These jars I’ve had a while and just by coincidence found them the other day and thought they’d make great pumpkins. We painted them with glass paint (left over from one of Pops’ craft kits).

Halloween Pinterest


  1. Love all of these ideas, the treats look delicious! I’m rubbish at crafts but these look like I could actually have a good crack at them x #blogstravaganza

  2. All of these seem fairly simple! I love the ghost lanterns. Will be making a note of these for when the little one is old enough to do crafts (and I can be bothered obviously haha!) #blogstravaganza


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