5 Differences between raising girls and boys

Or are they just different children?

Our first born is a girl. We found that out on our 20 week anomaly scan. We eagerly asked after we had been told that the scan was reassuring and no abnormalities were apparent. We smiled with joy and excitement. Not because she was a girl, but I think more to do with the fact that she had a new element to her identity now.

Second baby, we decided not to find out the sex. We wanted a different experience, simply because we could I guess. He turned out to be a he. Again we smiled from ear to ear, because he was here and he was safe.

Everyone says boys are SO different to girls. We’ll see I thought. To begin with I couldn’t really see what people meant. He’s now 9 months and she is 4 years old. The difference between them is certainly becoming clear!


#1  Breastfeeding. I think this may have something to do with first vs second baby, my confidence and experience. I really struggled breastfeeding our daughter. I went through the agony of bleeding nipples and mastitis. I got all wound up with this conveyor belt of breastfeeding, expressing and bottle feeding. I cried, lots.

Our son however breastfed a dream. My attitude or girl vs boy?

#2 Sleep. Our daughter at 3 1/2 months slept through the night! YES! Of course there were times she didn’t, like if she was poorly. I was that smug mother at groups who couldn’t complain about lack of sleep. Not any more.

Our son at 9 months still wakes 2 or 3 times through the night! Doesn’t have any milk or water, dummy goes back in and he goes back to sleep. We think it’s his teeth but who knows? Which brings me on to…

#3 TeethingOur daughter would get bright red cheeks and dribble lots but never seemed overly distressed.

Our son, really seems to struggle with teething. Pulls his ears, chews his fingers, screams. Possibly cause of him waking through night? Poor little monkey.

#4 ExploringOur daughter would love exploring her toys and her surroundings. However we never needed door locks.

Our son, well his favourite activities are opening cupboards and pulling out the contents (before we put on door locks), rooting in the bin, trying to put hands down toilet and trying to get to the log burner! He is exhausting.

#5 IndependenceOur daughter although she loved cuddles as a toddler and still does, she was happy to play by herself for short periods of time whilst I washed up/filled washing machine/emptied dishwasher etc.

Our son, cries when I leave the room. He is my little shadow. It can be frustrating but I find it quite cute actually.



#1 Impatience.  I think this is just children in general but both are very impatient. Especially when it comes to meal times.

#2 FoodI’m lucky, I know. Both have been unfussy when it comes to food. They eat most foods and generally have decent appetites. I think he will have a bigger appetite as he grows older though. Boys apparently eat more so I’ve been led to believe.

#3 StrangersOur daughter was very wary of strangers as a baby/toddler. Now she will talk to anyone! Our son is also wary of strangers. Often wanting to come back to me.


I’m not entirely sure if it’s a difference between the sexes. Is it just that they are two different people? Who knows. I’m just kind of glad we had a girl first!

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three


  1. It’s funny how siblings can be so different isn’t it? My daughter was a relatively easy baby…I think…those days are quite a way behind us now! #MarvMondays

  2. I had the same – girl then boy – 18 months apart. My little one is just 6 months so hard to see how he’s going to turn out but I’d say my daughter was a lot harder work. She’d hardly nap during the day and would require a LOT of attention. I couldn’t and still can’t really leave her while I do the dishes. My son is fine though. Like you say, I don’t know if it’s a boy thing, a second baby thing or a ‘just him’ thing. He’s had to get used to being left to amuse himself while I had to run around after my then 18 month old (now 2). She’s exhausting and I just hope he won’t be as active as her. He’s already heavy though – just 3kg lighter than my daughter!! – so I hope he starts moving soon for the sake of my arms! I feel so blessed to have two kids, and one of each is perfect. I think I’d have always wondered ‘what if’, although you always just absolutely love and get on with whatever comes along.

    I’m glad to hear your two are good eaters. Feeling very envious right now. Neither of mine are good! My son just looks at the bits I put on his high chair unless it’s toast! Eek!

    Thanks for a lovely read, Ruth

    • Oooo I feel your pain with the aching arms. My little (big) pudding is a heavy lump and my arms ache after 5mins of holding him. My wrists hurt too! He’s on the move but loves his cuddles.

      I always think when it comes to eating, if they are hungry, they will eat. All we can do is offer them a variety of food and hope one day they will eat it. Funny how toast is always a winner though.

  3. This is really interesting! I only have a little boy at the moment, and he is everything you have described your little boy to be! I hope to have a girl one day, so it will be interesting to see how they will compare. I hope it is true that girls sleep, and I’m not sure I can cope with another baby that doesn’t sleep!! #MarvMondays

    • Haha, I do wonder if we’d had our boy first how long (if ever) we’d have wanted another baby! I love him to bits but I do wish he’d sleep.

  4. My son and daughter are completely different to each other and I just don’t know if it is because they are different sexes or whether they are just fundamentally different people! But it’s fun to watch the differences as they grow up! #marvmondays

  5. I have a 7yr old son and a 2yr old daughter and they are so different yet so similar it’s crazy. My experiences of breastfeeding and independence are the same as yours, but in terms of needing door locks etc my daughter is much worse. We never really had to baby proof the house at all for my son but my daughter was a whole other matter and wants to be in everything, although she’s getting better. In terms of sleeping and teething they were both pretty good.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting Alana, the more I read everyones comments the more I think it’s just that kids are individuals and it’s nothing to with boy vs girl. It just that conversations always seem to go ‘oh, its because he’s/she’s a boy/girl!’. Oh how I wish my son was a good sleeper…

  6. I’ve noticed the exact same with my two. Girl came first and is so easy. Always slept eight through, never made a fuss about teething whereas boy is totally opposite! Maybe it is a case of sexes #MarvMondays

    • I just wish my boy would sleep!! He can carry on being a cheeky monkey who pulls everything out of cupboards but I just wish he’d sleep 😉 x

  7. I only have girls so can’t comment but all my friends have boys so love seeing the difference. My girls are both very laid back so I would love to have a little boy to see if I just have lazy children or whether its a gender thing 🙂 ox

    • I would love to understand more about the psychology of nature vs nurture. I’m convinced its a good mixture of the two though. Thanks for reading Amy x

  8. Loved reading your post, it really made me smile. Especially the point about your son wanted to explore anywhere and everywhere. Im not sure whether it is that they are just very different babies, whether its the difference between first and second babies or whether its a boy girl thing. We had our daughter first who is now three and now we have a son who is five months and we too are experiencing similar differences. I laughted at the exploring point becuase I already see that in our son (I think). At five months he already hates being put down on his back on his play mat and wants to instead be up where he can see and explore things. My daughter on the otherhand was happy lying on her play mat for ages. She also seems to have become more high maintenance as she has got older whereas our son seems very placid so its really interesting to see such differences already! Great post, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

    • I love seeing them develop, their differences and similarities. It is amazing how they have their own little personalities so early on. My son was the same, he soon grew out of his bouncer as he just wanted to be upright!
      Helen x


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