My 5 Favourite Things

The lovely Bridget from Bridie by The Sea tagged me recently in this simple tag about everyday things that make us smile. Sarah over at Mumzilla created the 5 Favourite Things tag, which I think is simply fab. So here are the things that make me smile every day…

So My first choice or first, second and third if I were to separate them out would of course be my family, my OH and my two gorgeous children. But for this tag I’m going to choose things rather than people. Of course they’re my favourites, but they’re not things.


My first bru of the day

What is not to love about the first bru of the day? I’m not sure why but it tastes so much better than all the others the rest of the day. For me it’s got to be a cup of tea. I like coffee, but first thing it has to be a good cup of tea.

My KitchenAid kettle

Life’s little luxuries. I’m not normally one to spend more money than necessary on such an item but now the day has come when I no longer love clothes shopping (that’s a whole other post!) it’s nice to treat oneself in other ways like a lovely looking kettle! I love it.

My Birkenstock sandals

I’ve got paddle feet or square feet as my OH likes to call them, don’t laugh – it’s an affliction! Which makes life difficult when it comes to shoe shopping. Most shoes unless I find a ‘wider fitting’ tend to rub until they’ve stretched a little. However, these beauties fit like a glove, they’re comfy, practical and in my opinion pretty stylish too. Got to have good footwear, especially for all those school runs.

My photo collection

Who doesn’t love their photo collection? So many memories held in a moment, so many moments captured for all eternity. I have to say I still love a good old photo album and I still have managed to collate my favourites in actual print yet…but I will! Photos never fail to bring us all together. My daughter loves to see pictures of herself as a baby and even Pud will take an interest in photos of himself now. I have the photo albums from when I was little. I still remember my mum loading up the camera with film and attaching the little holes in the film to the camera notches (or whatever they are called). I also still remember going to collect them, eagerly awaiting to see what we captured only to find a few with large thumb/finger shadows over them. How it has all changed in this digital age. We have so many photos to choose from.

Photos are definitely one of those things that never fail to make me smile (and cry on occasion as I recall happy memories from photos and photos with my dad who I miss lots).

My Phone

Ok, a phone should perhaps not be on my list. There are probably lots more things that make me happy. But my phone, for one has lots of those before mentioned photos. It allows me to capture photos in moments where I haven’t taken my ‘big’ camera out. It keeps me connected to the outside world when my little world is confined to toddler talk and housework. My phone gives me iPlayer and such for those times when we’re out and I just need 5 minutes to get something done or need a peaceful meal out. My phone allows me to get answers to my questions at the click of a button, no more getting out an actual map and trying to figure out where you are! Or getting somewhere to find out its closed. All the information is there on my little (big) phone. My phone also has my diary without which I would be lost.


So in true tag fashion I am tagging these lovelies, challenging them to pick out their 5 favourite things.

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  1. So lovely to focus on our favourite things. First cup of coffee in the morning is a favourite of mine. And ye my phone is probably on that list too as well as my laptop – they are an extension of me I guess! #fortheloveofBLOG

  2. Oh there is nothing finer than the first cuppa of the day. Love those Birkenstocks too! I’m a bit of a Fitflop addict myself so I can totally appreciate the love of a good comfy shoe! 👡💕 Thanks for linking up with us lovely x #DreamTeam

  3. That first cuppa of the day is amazing isn’t it? Im also all about my phone, however Im feeling so bad right now as I’m all out of data and find it weird without it! #fortheloveofBLOG


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