5 Moments of Happiness

So many parenting blogs and articles are based on struggles and hardships. Whilst I applaud them, write them and read them. I wanted to share a little bit of my happiness each week.

Schools are back, and it’s back to reality! Lots of planning and organising this week.

So here are my 5 moments of happiness this week.


  1. Playing with Pud on the floor. I know this sounds a bit simple but so often the day is so busy and everything is task orientated. The day flies by and its bedtime again. This week I reminded myself to stop and make time. I put everything aside for a while and just played on the floor with him. Lovely.
  2. Being featured on the lovely Katy @hotpinkwellies and Laura’s @dearbearandbean #ShareTheBlogLove Showcase http://buff.ly/2fgv0Li. As a new blogger, it’s lovely to know my posts are being read, even better when it seems they are liked.
  3. Seeing my daughter come out of her drama class smiling and talking non-stop about what she did. I have no doubt that she really loves her class with the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy.
  4. This week we booked our hotel for after the Ludovico Ein Audi concert in Birmingham. This will be our first real night out and night away without the kids in over 9 months! Long overdue.
  5. Starting Christmas shopping! I made my list and started the shopping. At last. I really don’t like leaving it until the last minute.

Quote of the week

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”



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