5 Moments of Happiness

So many parenting blogs and articles are based on struggles and hardships. Whilst I applaud them, write them and read them. I wanted to share a little bit of my happiness each week.

So here are my 5 moments of happiness this week.


  1. My little baby turns 9 months this week and he’s taken his first few baby steps. People told me boys were lazy, so I did kind of hope that there was some truth in this. My daughter walked at 9 months. Its exhausting! But I can’t help but feel so happy seeing him take little steps and looking so proud of himself.
  2. My daughter had to dress up for a school halloween party this week. She got so excited, planning her costume and face paint. It always makes me smile watching her get excited.
  3. Getting ready for Centerparcs. We’re heading there for half term. A family week together. A slower pace of life. Just enjoying time together. I can’t wait.
  4. At the beginning of this week my friend kindly offered to look after the baby for a few hours (Oh my, I’ve just realised technically he’s nearly a toddler!!).  Pops at school, Pud at my friends I head off to town to do some christmas shopping! I actually got to think about what I’m buying instead of just grabbing stuff. Then I sat in a trendy coffee shop and enjoyed a hot, tasty, coffee alone. Smile.
  5. Listening to my partner read Pops a bedtime story. It used to drive me mad how he would come home from work and suddenly liven up our daughter after we had been winding down before bedtime. Surprise surprise she wasn’t sleepy anymore. However since starting school, she’s shattered. Now I love listening to him read her a story and to them joking around and talking about the day.

Quote of the week

“I never knew how much I loved your Daddy until I saw how much he loves you”



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