A Bittersweet Car Journey

Today we (Myself and my two children) went to Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire. What a beautiful place it is. It did help that the sun was shining. However I think even in slightly miserable weather this place would still impress. The gardens are stunning. The playground adventurous and the barefoot walk is bags of fun. 

After a play we enjoyed an ice cream on the lawn and then decided it was time for home. But first a pitstop at the toilets and baby change. In the car and off we head home. It is now 16:20. It is now usually my 6 months old teatime. He can last till we get home I tell myself. He’ll probably fall asleep in the car I secretly hope. 

Not only did he fall asleep but so did my daughter. Then we got stuck in traffic. They stayed asleep for just over an hour. Is it wrong that I sat in my car and actually didn’t mind being stuck in traffic? It was so quiet. After a busy day I felt rather relaxed.  

As we pulled into our road both awoke, happy. I laughed and said “hello sleepy heads, you’ve both had good sleeps” My daughter replied “Mummy did you finally get some peace?” I laughed and replied “yes”.  That was the sweet part of my tale! As any parent knows, a sleep just before bedtime does not bode well for an uneventful bed time. Both children fed and bathed and much later they finally sleep…I wonder if I’ll get a lie in? HaHa who am I kidding!


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