A Proud Performance

My girl, on stage!


Last weekend it was my birthday and how times have changed. But you know what? I don’t mourn those alcohol fuelled nights out. I’m more than happy to share my time with those closest to me with quality time. This year on my birthday (caution: proud mummy moment) saw my nearly 5 year old daughters first drama performance.


I recently wrote a book review in which I raised my views on education and encouragement with children. We’ve always wanted to give our children, where possible opportunities that we never had. At the moment in part we do this with classes.


So far in her short life we have tried and stuck to swimming classes and tried and cancelled gymnastics classes.


I love watching her swim. She is like a little fish. She is doing so well. Just as she turned 4 she could swim a width unaided and now she can easily swim over a length unaided. She surface dives to the bottom of the pool and clearly enjoys it. This is the main reason we have continued the classes, because she enjoys it.

Dora The Explorer for World Book Day
Dora The Explorer for World Book Day

Gymnastics she enjoyed to begin with but seemed to get bored. She would have a little moan about going and would finish classes looking unhappy. I asked her to tell me the truth and she said she didn’t like it anymore. I didn’t want to encourage just giving up so insisted she finished the term we’d paid for. At the end she still didn’t like it. So that was the end of that.


Drama classes started soon after gymnastics finished. So far she is still loving this class. The main ethos of the drama classes (Helen O’Grady) is to encourage self development through drama, build confidence and self esteem and build skills in effective communication. She skips in and skips out. Since January they’ve been working on a production, The Sword In The Stone. Pops is the youngest in the group.


Throughout her life people have always complimented her on her outgoing nature, confidence and enthusiasm. However I know my little girl and she is a sensitive little soul too. The closer it got to the performance the more I grew nervous. What was I putting her through? What if something went really wrong and it scarred her for life? Her teacher assured me she had a fab part and was doing brilliantly.


On the run up to the production Pops was worried about people laughing at her. You see, she had a part that she had rehearsed in front of us that was supposed to make people laugh, only she didn’t really get that. She thought we were laughing at her. We tried our best to explain comedy to her.


The day of the production arrived and off she went. Later we arrived for the show. First we sat through two other short plays. Then it was her turn. I’m not ashamed to say that I was emotional. Unlike her school performances I didn’t have Pud to occupy me. She opened the show by miming to a voice over. I was so proud. Seeing her little face on stage and the concentration had me choked up. She looked a little daunted but still did her part really well. She looked so small on stage with all her peers. She had a couple of speaking parts and the whole play went fantastically. All the group did really well. At the end she came out to give us the biggest hug. She was (rightly) so proud of herself and was so excited about the whole thing.


I can’t explain how proud I am of her. All I can hope is that the class continues to fulfill it aims and continue to help her with her confidence. I’ve got a feeling that there are going to be many more proud moments, big and small that will have in tears over the years!

ps.excuse the unrelated photos, we weren’t allowed to take any…and the one or two we did have other children on so it would be wrong of me to have them on here! 


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