Tommy's #AlwaysAsk Campaign

Tommy’s new pregnancy campaign encourages mums to #AlwaysAsk

This week, Tommy’s has launched a new safer pregnancy campaign which aims to encourage mums-to-be to trust their instincts and speak up if something doesn’t feel right in pregnancy. Here’s Tommy’s midwife Anna to tell us more about the campaign.

As a midwife, I saw this situation all too often, women would come in eventually after delaying telling us they didn’t want to make a fuss, or be a bother! They would say, “I know you are busy and I didn’t want to add to the queue of people needing seeing”. I would always respond with “You are absolutely NOT a bother, I would rather see you many many times and have you reassured than you come in once and then have to tell you bad news”. So when I caught sight of Tommy’s #AlwaysAsk campaign I knew I had to share it. The campaign resonates with a post I shared about getting involved with Kicks Count too and not feeling a bother to health professionals. (Read it here)

A recent poll on the BabyCentre website found that 60% of women worry that they are wasting midwives’ time by raising a concern in pregnancy. We wanted to change that, so set about working on a campaign with King’s College London that would reassure women to speak up during pregnancy.

The result is our new #AlwaysAsk campaign.

#AlwaysAsk centres around two short animated films that have been voiced by midwife Clemmie Hooper, or @MODaughters as she is known to her Instagram followers. Both of the animations were created with women who have experienced pregnancy complications and health professionals. The first campaign film follows a pregnant woman through her pregnancy journey. It shows her fears being resolved as she speaks up about a concern.
The second film offers tips for speaking up in pregnancy, which have been gathered from women who took part in the project. The tips are based on their real experiences.

1) Don’t play it down – take your concerns seriously and others will too
2) Be specific – say what has changed, even if you don’t think it’s related to your pregnancy
3) Begin by saying, ‘I am concerned…’
4) Ask the healthcare professionals for their name
5) Make a list of all your concerns
6) Write down what you’re told
7) It’s ok to say you are feeling vulnerable and frightened
8) Before you leave that appointment – consider whether you have asked all your questions and are satisfied with the answers
9) If you can’t make yourself heard or you don’t agree or you feel uncomfortable, say ‘Let me think about that and get back to you’
10) If you are not happy with the response ask for a second opinion
You can view both films and read more about our campaign here.

We really hope that the campaign will empower women to trust their instincts and speak to their midwife or GP when something doesn’t feel right. As our film says, we would rather reassure you 100 times than miss spotting a problem once!

You can really help us to get our message out by sharing our films on social media or by adding a Twibbon to your profile picture.

Please share and encourage other mums-to-be to #AlwaysAsk!

Donation Line: 020 7398 3460
PregnancyLine: 0800 0147 800


  1. Fully support this campaign. I totally agree that even if you feel like a total hyperchodriac, you can never be too careful.

    I think with the way our NHS is in the U.K. at present, we worry we might be wasting precious resources or time. But whilst those resources are there, we should use them if we have any doubt in our minds over our baby’s health and wellbeing.

    • Thank you for your support Cassie, it is so hard when you’re concerned about a problem. You almost convince yourself that you’re being silly and you don’t want to come across as a nuisance! Thats why I feel this campaign is so important. Mums must act if they are worries x

  2. This is such an important campaign, pregnant women definitely shouldn’t feel like they are wasting anyone’s time – it is their baby’s life they are concerned about after all. Thank you for sharing this informative and important post, I really hope lots of pregnant women read it.xx #BlogCrush

  3. Thank you for this, i’m pregnant with my first and have so many questions all the time and feel like im wasting their time by asking them so usually just resort to my mum! Will definitely make myself be a bit braver going forward. #blogcrush

  4. I totally agree – we should always ask and what a great campaign. The number of times I worried about wasting time but luckily I always had a really Supportive team who told me not to be silly and just come and see them. A great idea #blogcrush

  5. This is such an important campaign. It’s a shame that mums feel that they can’t share their concerns but the sad fact is that health professionals are often rushed off their feet and don’t always have the time to reassure us (sadly I speak from experience, although post birth rather than during pregnancy). This campaign lets mums know that they have a right to be heard and to speak up. I hope it encourages these ladies to be brave and to voice the worries they have #blogcrush


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