Am I really that grumpy?

A few days ago at 08:10 our house was in it’s usual hurried state of affairs. ‘Please get ready for school’ I asked Pops countless times whilst I changed the baby’s nappy (again)! I went upstairs to find her building a lego tower. She never plays with her lego, so why now? A light telling off and eventually we get out the door.

Fast forward to the return journey. On the way back from school I pick up Pops. ‘Mummy, when we get home can I get out my making box please?’ Her response when I asked her why was, ‘I want to make you a reward chart’ again I ask her why. ‘If you can be not grumpy for a whole day you get 20 stars, if you get up to 139 stars you get a treat’!

Thanks Pops!



  1. Lol oh dear. I have recently had my 4 yr old randomly asking me ‘Why are you not being nice to me today?’, usually when I tell him something like ‘No, you can’t have chocolate and skittles for breakfast’ XD x #sharingthebloglove

  2. That’s brilliant! She’s a budding entrepreneur in the making! I hope she’s thought up a good treat for you though – 139 stars is a long way to go! (And I’m not sure I could manage not being grumpy for a whole day!) Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  3. Ah! Kids say the funniest stuff! Our little girl is only 7 months but we can tell she has a cheeky smile and will no doubt come up with this kind of comment!! I love how you need 139 stars for a treat, not 140 or 100!

  4. They see and feel so much more than we realise don’t they! Maybe all us moms need a behavior chart too! haha! Clever little angel! #globalblogging


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