Appropriate School Dinners

The debate is on!

School matters always form the basis of a good debate. We all (well most of us) have our children’s health / safety / wellbeing at heart when we express our judgements and opinions and that’s ok. It shows we care.

My eldest is now in year one. A few weeks into her second year at school. The first debate was over the wooden play apparatus (or vapparatus as Pops calls it), there have been a couple of accidents on it and some parents were unhappy about it’s presence. In my mind the school’s action was appropriate and only allowed play on it when it was dry.

We all love to complain don’t we, whether it’s about the amount of homework they get, how much free play they get, if the children are being supported or challenged. But I have to say we have been pretty impressed with school so far and I personally haven’t really had much to moan about.

This year the debate was school lunches. Last year the kids had a choice of two meals, a hot dinner such as cottage pie, roast dinner, curry, fish and chips etc or a jacket potato with a filling. All good in my eyes. This year they added a third option, a sandwich. Well this opened the question ‘Is a sandwich an appropriate choice?’.

school lunches

Some didn’t want their children having a sandwich claiming it isn’t a substantial meal for a school lunch. Others said this now meant that their child who would only eat sandwiches can now also get a free school lunch instead of them having to prepare a packed lunch. Some said that children aren’t able to make sensible choices and would pick a quick and easy sandwich every day. Others said their children would make reasonable choices for lunch. Others didn’t think the quality of the sandwich was sufficient.

The way I see it, choice is a good thing. Allowing children to make a decision is a good thing too. But every child is different.

I like to let my daughter have a choice, within limits of course. I also let her decide what shes wants for her morning snack? They have free fruit so I never send her in with fruit but do encourage her to eat some and she will eat fruit at other meal times too. The choices are a hot snack such as toast, for which they have to bring in some money. Otherwise you need to send them in with a reasonably healthy snack for morning break.

School snacks

Here are some of the things I offer to send in with my girlie.


  • Organix Goodies Soft Oaty Bars, which now come in a convenient and better value for money box of 12. My daughter’s favourite is the raspberry and apple one. There’s only 5 ingredients in these – whole grain oats, raisins, sunflower oil, apple juice and raspberry juice. Each bar has 7.8g sugar from natural sources. Both of my kids love these.
  • Organix Goodies Bars
  • Soreen Lunchbox loaves, so many choice to choose from, the banana one and the apple one are favourites with my kids. Ear loaf has about 5.5g of sugar in them.
  • Cheestrings Scoffies, 3 mini snacks in one. One container has little cheese cubes in, the other has dried fruit and the other has mini crackers or pretzels. Each pack has about 13.5 g of sugar in them. Due to this and the cost these packs are only very occasional.
  • Money to buy the hot snack.

Organix Goodies Bars

What do your kids get for school lunches?

Are you happy with it?

What do you give them for their snack?

Do you give them ‘bird seed’ like Victoria Beckham?

Organix Goodies Bars

Please note we were gifted the Organix Goodies Oaty bars for the purpose of a review. All opinions are our own.

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  1. We get a menu each term with the meal choices for each day on it and we have to order them in advance. My daughter and I sit down together and she chooses each day what she would like (with a bit of guidance from me). It works really well! #KCACOLS

  2. I agree choice is a good thing although I did end up banning my daughter from choosing sandwich every day because I really wanted her to have a hot dinner at least some day! So we compromised and now we choose together! Thanks for linking up to #Blogstravaganza

  3. We love the Organix bars!! My girls school is a hot meal which they always moan about, truthfully I wouldn’t mind if a sandwich was on offer as that is what we eat for lunch at the weekends!! #kcacols

    • Children are so different aren’t they. I think thats why choice is a good thing, an attempt to cater for everyone. I do know kids that have sandwiches for lunch and tea though!! x

  4. At our school, kids get options for lunch on fridays only. The 5 and 6 grades are in charge of pizza or sandwiches every odd week. We have no cafeteria, so we rejoice by the time friday rolls around, at the freedom of making school lunches! I would say we are indeed pro choice! #thesatsesh xoxo

    • So many different ways schools manage school lunches. Friday is always pizza or fish and chips at our school but the rest of the week it’s things like cottage pie, spaghetti and meatballs, curry and rice, jacket potatoes and fillings etc x

  5. Choice is definitely a good thing. I never really had any issues with my daughter’s primary school and their dinners. They had 2 hot options and a cold salad bar with sandwiches so it sounds very similar. Yes my daughter always had sandwiches but she also had plenty of salad too and I always felt confident she had a full balanced meal #kcacols

  6. #thesatsesh OKAY – now you’ve got me ranting. My son has the choice of a hot meal, baguette or jacket potato…since starting reception he has turned into a cheese baguette…why? because he is lazy and cheese is his safe food. Ive written in and said – please give him the hot choice, today once again he ate a cheese baguette. I agree choice is really important but at 4yo Im not sure he can sustain a healthy varied diet of non cheese products or it would seem any variation in diet?
    Ive even thought of going packed lunch so that I can vary the goodies on offer…. However, what I’m really jealous of is the Chinese lunches, seriously healthy, the kids help cook and prep – we are still doing it so wrong in the UK.

    • Oh no! I think thats the issue some of our parents are having and they too have asked the dinner time staff to not give their kids sandwiches. The Chinese lunches do sound fab, what a good idea x

  7. We go through boxes of these goodies oaty bars. He has one a day. We aren’t at the age of school lunches yet. When I was growing up I always had a packed lunch and school dinners was a treat. Or the poorer kids used to use up all their dinner money allowance buying the rest of us cookies lol.

    How times change eh.


  8. My daughter is 12 and has an account at school to buy her own lunch. I just hope that she chooses healthy options lol. I think it is good to let children have a choice. If we are always telling them what they should do will they ever fully have an opinion of their own

  9. OUr school offers 3 choices and one is always a veggie option and surprisingly both my meat loving boys often tell me they chose a veggie burger or just salads. I think I honestly can’t complain! At least they can choose! Even if 8 always chooses beans and therefore pumps a lot at home 😉 #Triumphanttales

  10. My son’s school always has two hot meals as well a jacket potato and a sandwich option. I think choice is a great thing and don’t see anything wrong with a sandwich as long as they have some of the fruit or salad that’s always on offer too. They don’t do snacks at all though and they’re not allowed to take anything in either. I’ve tried the meals myself as we get invited to join the kids every mother’s day and my only complaint would be that the portion sizes are minuscule, especially as they get no snacks through the day, it’s no wonder he’s always starving when he gets home.

  11. Little Man is so fussy with food he would likely not eat anything on the menu so I have to send him with packed lunches. I really hope he grows out of it soon. It’s certainly not through my lack of trying! Thanks for linking up to #TriumphantTales, hope to see you again on Tuesday! X

  12. I agree with you that having a choice is important. At my sons school they always have a hot meal choice plus a sandwich or jacket potato choice too. He will choose a sandwich or jacket potato if the hot meal doesn’t appeal but other than that will have a hot meal.

    He has a sandwich for lunch at home sometimes and will always have a hot meal at dinner time so for me, I think a sandwich is sufficient. #KCACOLS


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