A Children’s Book Review


Quote + One thing all humans have in common is that we are all different, Helen Mille


Is Being Different Ok?

Of course it is. I think that any conscientious, decent parent will do their best to teach their children that being different is not just ok, but that it is a brilliant thing.

Being different is what makes the world the amazing place it is. If we were all the same, thought the same, looked the same and behaved the same then society could not have got to where we are today. The creative types make the world look and sound beautiful, the scientific minds develop medicines and methods that save lives, the engineering and inventive types push the modern world through technological struggles and practical types get work done.

We all have different attributes that complement each other. You might go to one friend for advice and another for practical support. We all have our place and we are all important. Whatever role we take on we have worth. Even if that worth is only to one person it is worth all the same.

Unfortunately there are those who make it their life’s ambition to single out those who fail to conform to their twisted or unrealistic ideals. Unfortunately they way we look holds far too much importance in society. This negativity could be displayed by the playground bully who picks on the vulnerable child because he or she may not look or act the way that the bully wants. It may be by those who have extremist religious or political beliefs.

I still believe that there is more good in this world than bad. How do I come to this conclusion? The actions of the bad get huge publicity because their actions strike the hearts of the good (the majority). The actions of the good don’t always have the same volume of that of the bad as these honourable actions are expected and rightly so.

Being Different Beautifully. A children's book review

So What Is The Book About?

You may be wondering how this relates to a children’s book. Children have amazing but simple minds. Something is good or bad, there are rarely grey areas. It is hard to explain bullying to young children as their comprehension of such things is not yet mature. So how do we explain right from wrong, good from bad and the value of differences? They are our future and it will be upon them to keep society moving forward in positive steps, overcoming the views of the misguided and teaching good values to others.

I think we have to keep it simple. We have to try and see the world through a child’s eyes. Dana Salim who wrote ‘Beautifully different’ finds a lovely way of doing just this. Yousuf is a little boy who asks his daddy why he is different. By using a child’s imagination the author takes us on a little journey to explain to Yousuf that being different is beautiful and that together we can achieve amazing things using our differences.

I think it’s a great little story to teach our children. I think reading with children is incredibly important, so why not share books with positive messages.

How do you try to instil a positive attitude towards differences with your children?

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  1. This sounds like an amazing book. What a great premise to work from. Our differences are what make us and the world so special but like you say they are also the things that people single us out for. Life is hard, hopefully we can teach the future generations a little more acceptance. #SharingtheBlogLove


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