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Adding to our wall of fame

When our first child was born, I’ll be honest we didn’t really like the posed photos we saw of families. We thought it all a bit forced. But then something changed. We were offered a photoshoot, you know one of those deals – a ‘FREE’ family photoshoot with no obligation to buy the prints. Who is not going to want the prints (unless they are really bad) and also there is something strange about seeing photo after photo of images of you and your loved ones that you simply don’t own, unless that is of course you shell out the money for them.

We were sold though, the images were amazing, I actually like the way I looked on them and that is saying something. They now take pride of place in our home. When we moved into our new home 4 years ago, we were full of enthusiasm for making our home pretty. I decided I wanted a photo collage on one wall. I bought loads of frames and cheaply printed images of the three of us and other favourite images too. It looks good but there is something pretty significant missing from our collection…our son!

BookTrust and TalkingMums

He’s now 18 months old and I can’t actually think of any plausible excuse as to why he’s not on our wall of fame. Perhaps it’s time to look for a family photographer to take some lovely images of the four of us. I’m pretty new to the world of Instagram but have been inspired by so many beautiful images of families and children.
But where do you begin to look for someone who is willing to spend a significant amount of time with you, get the best out of you and your family and be ok with children not quite doing what is hoped from them. This time round I’d love an outdoors shoot but with our lovely British climate is that asking too much? Also I remember from first time round the first photoshoot had to be abandoned as our daughter clearly wasn’t in the mood for being snapped.

I recently came across Bidvine. A website that allows you to search for professionals such as family photographers and experts of all types. I don’t know about you but I’ve had real problems searching for tradesmen in the past. Whatever you need they have services available nationwide. Perhaps a cleaner (oh how I’d love a cleaner) or you are thinking of taking up a new hobby.

Family Photography with BidVine

It was so easy to search, you just type in what service you are searching for i.e ‘Family Photography’ then the site takes you through a series of questions to further refine your request. For me this meant that the photographer would know I have young children and I would expect they are experienced in photographing children. It is a skill in itself.

Once you’ve answered the questions and entered the job you simply wait to hear your bids. You get to view the profiles of your bidders and any reviews placed by other users. Once you’ve chosen your perfect match you then hire and work with the pro directly. It’s as simple as that. It is preferable that you return to BidVine and leave a valuable review so others can see what you thought.

I found the website really easy to use and uncomplicated. Do you need to find a service? Have you tried Bidvine?

You can access Bidvine via their website or via their app.

Family Phtography with BidVine

*This is a collaborative post with Bidvine



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