Planning a birthday party
Planning a birthday party

Birthday Party Planning for a 5 year old

It’s only a few weeks until Pops turns 5. How does she want to celebrate? With a party of course! Birthday party planning certainly has it’s challenges but can be loads of fun too.

Here is a quick summary of how we’ve celebrated so far.

First Birthday

First Birthday Party
First Birthday Party

To be honest, we actually weren’t going to do much other than a day out and a little tea party for family. At one they don’t have a clue. But we do. I think turning one is just as much a celebration for us surviving a year as much as it is for them. Her older cousin who was turning two five days earlier, was having a party and it was suggested we had a joint effort. So we did. We hired a church hall, hired a little bouncy castle, laid out lots of toys and made a buffet.

It was great fun to see them playing and singing ‘Happy Birthday’. I still remember her little yellow dress.

Second Birthday

Pops at Peppa Pig World
Pops at Peppa Pig World

They still don’t really have a clue but I didn’t want her birthday to go unrecognised. Her birthday usually falls on or around Easter. This year my OH’s family wanted us all to go away for a few days and since the two birthdays were the focus of the holiday we went to Peppa Pig World! The home of the famous pink pig!

We were back home for her actual birthday so we just invited a few friends round from our Yummy Mummy group. This year I made an attempt at a birthday cake. Baking I don’t find a problem but decorating isn’t my strong point. I tried to keep it simple by doing a regular victoria sponge, covered in white icing with a pink icing face of the pink pig herself on top.

Second birthday
Second birthday

Third Birthday

With her birthday being in April it’s pretty hard to gauge the unpredictable British weather. We didn’t really want to pay a fortune for a hall and entertainment when still, really they don’t know what is going on. Let’s face it, over the next 10 – 15 years there’s going to be many birthday parties. So this year we kept it simple and hired a TeePee. It cost us £40 for the weekend. Up it went, we filled it with cushions, a little table and chairs with crayons and colouring books, we bought a children’s sports day kit, complete with bean bags, ties for a three legged race, sacks and eggs and spoons for racing.

This year I made her cake again. There is something satisfying about making the birthday cake but it takes a lot of blumin time for an amateur like me. I made a ladybird cake.
The weather wasn’t fantastic but it was dry. They all had on their coats but kids don’t seem to mind that sort of thing. It ended up with most of the adults in the TeePee with a bru and the kids running around outside!

Fourth Birthday

This is when they (or at least Pops) began to understand the concept of birthday parties. There is no going back from here! This year she wanted….drum roll…a princess party! What else would a 4 year want? But as our circle of friends includes numerous boys, a princess theme might not be all that attractive to them. Not that I’m against boys dressing as girls or vice versa but at this age you really do begin to see what the phrase ‘boys will boys’ means. So we decided on a princess and pirate theme.

We found an entertainer who would do various themed games and activities with them and made a buffet. This year we also had a baby to contend with. I really wanted to make her cake, but with Pud only being 2 ½ months old I just didn’t have the energy or the imagination to come up with something remotely interesting. Lucky for us she has an Auntie who makes and decorates fantastic cakes.

The party was organised chaos. The kids loved it and everyone commented on what a fab party it was. The girls were quite happy making bracelets and joining in the games, the boys just ran around shouting ‘Arrrrrggghhh’. The girls wanted the face painting and glitter tattoos, the boys not so keen until one had a tattoo on his hand. All the kids left happy and exhausted. I left with a headache but a sense of satisfaction. My daughter had a smile on her face from ear to ear and said she wanted that party every single year! Job done.

To this day she still believes she is a real princess because she had a coronation!

Fifth Birthday

So this is the one in the planning stages. This time we had to decide who to invite. Since starting reception she has been invited to many parties and not to others. With school being new to us we wondered what the etiquette was for inviting the whole class or not. We weighed up costs for various things and then decided to stuff etiquette. We asked her who she wanted to invite. We gave her a limit and set to making a list. The venue has now been booked and invites sent out. Fairly local to us is a place called The Ice Cream Farm. It is amazing. Indoor and outdoor fun topped off with a delicious ice cream.

All we need to organise now is the cake…Auntie Charl, would a unicorn cake be ok?! Oh and party bags. Me being me, I want to do something a bit different. We are going to trial pinata cookies! Once we’ve had a trial run of these I’ll pop up a recipe post. They are just basically layers of biscuits with the middle one having the centre cut out. You fill it with sweets or chocolates then top off with another biscuit then decorate it.

Invites are out so now just to wait for numbers.
What did you organise for your little ones 5th birthday? What have been your best and worst ideas.

Read about the milestones she’s reached at 5 1/2.

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  1. Amelia wanted so many different things for her third (we weren’t going to do a party but decided to go ahead because we’re moving away this summer) that it ended up being a complete mis-match of themes! Still, the kids enjoyed themselves! Your cakes are brill for someone who supposedly struggles to decorate!

  2. Pinata cookies sounds like a fab idea! I am also terrible at decorations, actually I am also terrible at making cakes and in general party planning haha, I don’t really know why people think that just because I’m a woman it means I am good at these kind of things lol! The cakes in the photos are lovely, I especially like the princess party one. I just did my sons 1st birthday and like you said the babies had no idea what was going on but the adults had fun (I had prosecco on hand! haha). Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!


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