Blogger Recognition Award
Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you to Claire from The Pramshed for nominating me. I loved reading her post and I’m very happy to be nominated. My turn to share with you why I started my blog.

The tag

The purpose of the tag is share with your reader’s the reasons why you set up your blog, and then to offer two pieces of blogging advice. 

First of all here’s the tag rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.

Why start a blog?

I started my blog in September 2016. At this time I was 9 months through Maternity leave. During my maternity leave my daughter started school and this rendered me rather emotional! I wrote down how I felt and about our summer together. I also started writing down accounts of our days out over the summer holidays in an attempt to journal family life. At this point I’d heard of blogging but didn’t actually know of any! I joined a Facebook group for sharing days out. It was here I discovered blogs. Then I started looking at parenting blogs more closely and realised that there was this whole community out there that shared all these moments I could relate to. It was like an epiphany. I realised I wasn’t alone when it came to experiences and concerns as a parent. I then decided to blog.
The other aspect that spurred me on was the prospect of a 5 year career break. My career as a midwife was in its prime, it is a job I love but it just doesn’t fit in with family life. Not the way I want anyway. There appeared to be no childcare options that fit with my hours of work. I applied for a career break and thankfully got it. Blogging has given me an added sense of purpose. Of course my main priorities are my children but blogging gives me a voice I would otherwise hide. It is a journal of our time and achievements. It’s a community I have thoroughly enjoyed becoming a part of.

Advice to others

I’ve by no means made it to the dizzy heights of a super blogger. I’m still very much at the beginning of my blogging life and still consider myself a newbie. But I still feel like I can impart 2 pieces of advice to other bloggers.

  • Stay true to yourself. This way you’ll continue to enjoy doing what you are doing. Always Remember why you started blogging in the first place. be as honest as you can, that way your voice shines through. It makes a more interesting read.
  • Blogging is so much more than I first expected. It can be really time consuming and hard to make sense of at times. So join Facebook groups and join in twitter chats. The blogging community I have found so far are incredibly supportive. Many of them have great advice to help you make sense of social media, blogging terms and ideas. Use these groups to gain more information about websites, plug in’s and widgets before you install them and use them.

I’ll finish with a quote from Roald Dahl that I love:

“A person is a fool to become a writer. His only compensation is absolute freedom. He has no master except his own soul, and that, I am sure, is why he does it”

I’m nominating:

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Natalie @ Confessions of a Crummy Mummy

Sarah @ Boo, Roo and Tigger too

Zoe @ The Tale of MummyHood

Laura @ Edinburgh Life with kids

Susie @ This is me now

Victoria @ Mummy Times Two

Annette @ 3 Little Buttons

Dawn @ Rhyming With Wine

Katie @ Mummy in a Tutu

Susan @ You are my Sunshine

Natalie @ Meme and Harri

Katie @ SquirmyPopple

Cécile @ The Frenchie Mummy


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  1. Lovely to hear how and why others started blogging. And you’re right about the Facebook groups and twitter chats – I’ve recently made the dive into a couple of groups and realise how much of the blogging world I’ve been missing out on! #dreamteam

  2. What a fantastic quote from Roald Dahl. He is a writing idol of mine! I love hearing about what prompts a person to become a blogger, and I can totally relate to your feeling that it gives you a voice that you might otherwise hide. Thanks so much for the nomination too lovely! #DreamTeam xx

  3. I always love to read these types of posts and have to say your advice on blogging is very sound indeed – the staying true to yourself one is massive! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub xoxo

  4. I love this, especially the Roald Dahl quote! Lovely to hear a bit about why you started blogging, I think it’s always a good reminder to stay true to yourself 🙂 Thanks for linking up the #dreamteam x


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