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I recently wrote about a favourite family day out of mine. One that holds treasured memories for many different reasons. For our family it’s a local forest, Delamere. It’s only been local to me for about 7 years but it’s been local to my OH all his life. We love it because it’s outdoors, it offers breathing space from ordinary life, it’s an adventure and it’s quality family time. It got me wondering where others ‘go to’ places might be. Those rare weekends you have no plans and you decide to take off to a treasured location. So I asked the lovely blogging world for their thoughts.

Delamere Forest, Cheshire
Delamere Forest, Cheshire

It seems I’m not the only one who loves to be outside as this was definitely a consistent theme. I really think that being outdoors allows us to break away from the mundane reality of everyday. It’s a whole different wallpaper from that of our offices and homes. Yes, I love my phone and my technological conveniences but what is more beautiful than something nature created, something unspoiled and pure? Wide open spaces for our legs and our imaginations to run wild.

There is something magical about the outdoors for me, when I look back at my childhood, many treasured memories involve being amidst nature, building dens out of leaves and twigs, creating stories, bug hunting, walking, cycling and simply using natures playground to it’s full potential. We seem to create traditions and happy memories in outdoor spaces.

I’ve split the favourites into 3 further themes of the beach, forests/woodlands and parks and good old National Trust locations.

Have you got a family favourite place to go? What do you love about it? Please share…



Family Days Out at the Beach

North West England

Laura Dove (FiveLittleDoves): My go to place is Formby point. As soon as we step foot in the woods or on the beach, I feel as though I can just breathe again! Oh it’s our favourite place Helen. It’s like we leave all of our worries in the car and for however long we are there none of it matters. 

South East England

Bridget McGrath (BridiebyTheSea): We have a tradition of going to Hove Beach to sit on the stones by the beach. Usually we get some chips to share, which is something I used to do every Saturday with my stepson before my daughter was born.

Kelly-Anne Combes (MimiRoseandMe): Yes without a doubt. Our local beach, Hunstanton. There’s just something about that beach that we all love. My husband knew how much that beach means to my family and proposed to me.

Maria Hughes (HappyMummy): We always go to Southend; rain or shine! You have amusements, walk by the sea, rides & a lovely little cafe we know!

South West England

Zoe Molesworth (Mummy and Liss): The Beach… We absolutely love just walking along the beach, it’s so calming! We are from Somerset so around 30 minutes away from the beach, as a child my grandad lived in Cornwall so we spent a lot of our time on the beach, I love it and always have done.

North East England

Carol Cliffe (FamilyMakes): We love the beach. It’s close by, you can take the dog, and there’s always arcades or an ice cream shop if we get too cold or wet. It used to be the North East coast, now we’ve moved to the Borders but still head for the beach (there are a few to choose from, all equally lovely!)

South England

Kirsty Dee Bowerbank-Steel: Bournemouth beach, it’s local to us and the kids love building sandcastles 🙂 


Family Days Out in the FOREST/ WOODLAND/ PARKS

Emma Jones (ReadyFreddieGo): Our local woods, it’s so quiet and you can go ages before seeing anyone else. Me and my husband used to go there with his family when we were first together and we have just carried it on, first with our dogs and now with our boys 

Helena Blakemore (BabyFoote): We go to our local country park. It’s actually not that little or kid friendly as there’s open water and a huge hill to climb, but we love it!!

Laura Emily Crichton (EdinburghWithKids): 100% our local Botanical Gardens. There’s so many areas to explore and it’s beautiful not matter what the weather. On freezing cold days the hot houses are amazing. There’s great coffee and the kids are always happy to go too!

South West England

Lisa Jackson (Baby Not Included): We have two – Haldon Forest or Killerton National Trust Property. Both are child and dog friendly and both you can take bikes/scooters. Grab a quick picnic and we’re off. 

South Wales

Elizabeth Williams: Ours is Scolton Manor house and country park in Pembrokeshire where the kids can run wild and have adventures in the grounds and woodlands. We also love Broad Haven beach in Pembrokeshire where we can have fun and relax. Both places great for family days out or out favourite places to pop to with just me and the kids after school. 

Lianne Marie Freeman (Anklebiters Adventures): keepers pond near Blaenavon is about 10 mins away from us our fav place we take a picnic or the camp stove. 


Kerry Jackson (Kerry Shaw Mummy of Four): For us it’s Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire, the kids love it, there’s an adventure playground, barefoot walk and maize, the gardens are beautiful and we always attempt to have a walk around the lake before enjoying a picnic in the grounds. 

Family Days Out at Trentham gardens

South East England

Rachel Bradford (Illustrated Teacup): Yes! Victoria Country Park! It’s got everything you could want, open spaces, woods to walk in, a beach, sea views, picnic areas and a kids playground!! And we can walk to it if it’s a nice day!! 

Debbie Dann (Hello Deborah): We always head to the New Forest when we need to get out. If the weather’s good we’ll find a spot for a picnic and go for a long wander around and get a bit lost. It’s my favourite place to explore. Even if the weather is miserable we’ll have a car picnic instead and find somewhere to watch the ponies.


Éva Katona (CaptainBobcat): We often go to Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park. We had one of our first dates there as a couple, my husband proposed me there and the four of us now often visit and have picnic on the bench where my husband carved our names when he proposed me 🙂

North East England

Cass Bailey (FrugalFamily): If you need any more, our go to place is Whitby Abbey which is beautiful and a fun place to spend a couple of hours with the kids on a nice day x x x 


Family Days Out With The NATIONAL TRUST

North Wales

Vicki Coombe (TippyTups): Ours is Errdig (a national trust in North Wales) which has a gorgeous house, stunning gardens and a wolf’s den which is a natural outdoor adventure play bit. We love it there. 

Erddig Wolf's Den
Erddig Wolf’s Den

South West England

Lisa Jackson (Baby Not Included): We have two – Haldon Forest or Killerton National Trust Property. Both are child and dog friendly and both you can take bikes/scooters. Grab a quick picnic and we’re off

West Midlands

Danielle Duggins (Someones Mum): Yes! Croome Park National Trust site. 


Cheryl Dodd (Mummy of 5 Miracles): Cardingmill valley is our go to place , there’s a stream a waterfall and mountain it’s beautiful.

Lucy Cotterill (Real Mum Reviews): Yes!! My happy place is Packwood House (a National Trust property in the Midlands). It has so much for the girls and I love seeing the scenery change with the seasons. 

South East Engalnd

Emily Peacock (Emily And Indiana): We always end up at Knole Park NT, and that was before we even became members! It’s local, free and lots of different routes so it’s always a good visit.

Jenny (The GingerBread House): We visit Cliveden, a local National Trust place with the most amazing gardens to explore. It never fails to cheer everyone up – rain or shine. 

North East England

Hannah Tasker (The Simple Things Me): Yes! Ours is Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire. We try and make around our anniversary and it’s beautiful in all the seasons, it’s National Trust too so usually lots of events and activities to do!


Then there are some fantastic places designed with families in mind. We too love a good farm park or anywhere the kids can be fascinated and entertained. Happy kids equal happy grown ups!



Jen Mellor (Just Average Jen): We go to East Midlands airport to watch the planes! There is a lovely walk around the edge of the grounds.

Beth Law (TwinderElmo): The little cafe I used to work in when I left school. My Mom always used to meet her friend there for coffee so I like going there with my babies as it brings back lovely memories of her.

Rebecca Burland (The Ish Mother): My daughter insists on going to Tropical World in Leeds for her birthday every year. It started out as convenience – her birthday is not long after Christmas so finding somewhere open and indoors is tricky – but it’s now tradition. She’s still fascinated by the fish and animals every time we go and I love taking pictures and comparing them with previous birthdays to see how she’s grown! 

Jo Isherwood (Cup Of Toast): For us it’s Mary Arden’s Farm, Warwickshire. The tickets last all year and it’s a perfect spot to go and while away a few hours.



  1. Oooh yes so many great ideas! Tropical World is fab and so is Trentham Gardens (my daughter once bought a toy monkey from there that we called “Trent”). And of course, you can’t go wrong with a walk on the beach or in a forest. This is fab! #triumphanttales

  2. Some really great places on this list. We are big fans of the beach and spend as much time as we can there. There is nothing better than an afternoon at the beach, splashing in the water and digging giant holes! #KCACOLS

  3. Theres some great places on that list and you can’t beat having a National Trust membership to see all their wonderful locations. We love visiting the beach whenever the weather permits! #DreamTeam

  4. When the kids were younger their favourite place was Battersea park, so many different things you can do in there! We love to find new places to explore though and lots of lovely ideas on your list! #KCACOLS

  5. I just LOVE Southend, so does Hubby and it looks like Ben is following suit! we’ve been twice in the recent heatwave so we should really mooch to different places so this post might just be the thing we need to shake it up! Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

  6. Wow, what a list…so much great inspiration here for family days out. My favourite places again the moment are Mottisfont Abbey (our local national trust), Royal Victoria Country Park and Bournemouth beach.xx #dreamteam

  7. Some great ideas for days out. Love the Ish Mother’s recommendation of Tropical World – great place!
    We love the National Railway Museum in York, so much space for little ones to explore.

  8. Bournemouth beach is a place we are at a couple of times a week as it is so close to us and the boys school. It’s great to pop down there after school and just chill for an hour or so. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time


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