Can You Feel Music?

The world is full of variety. Different people, different places, different ways of living, the list goes on. There are also many different types of music. I have a pretty eclectic taste in music. All depends on my mood really. One day I might prefer a bit of Zero Seven, the next The Manic Street Preachers and the next I might listen to Ein Audi. In the car with my daughter we put on anything we can sing to, her favourite of late is UpTown Funk. But nothing beats live music.

When I was young, opportunities to listen to live music were very few and far between. I’ve touched on this before in my post about going to see ‘The Snowman Live’. Over the last few years I’ve managed to attend a few concerts. One of my favourites was Green Day at Wembley but the one that beats them all was Ludovico Ein Audi in Birmingham at The Symphony Hall. You may think you haven’t heard his music but his pieces have been used in many adverts and films. Check this out. The set up at Birmingham was very similar but just as magical.

or this one

Let me tell you how amazing this was. Having never been to this type of concert before I wasn’t sure what to expect. You know what it’s like, ‘what do I wear’, is it formal or casual? I went for somewhere in between. When we arrived people ranged from wearing full on evening gowns to others in jeans and bomber jackets. I love this anything goes attitude.

We took our seats and making sure my phone was OFF we eagerly awaited the concert to begin. The room was full of chatter and excitement.

I’m not sure I can fully take you there with words alone but let me try. Imagine if you can, a large ornate, theatre. The lights dim and the stage softly lit. Then on walks the man himself. All of a sudden there is pure silence. He sits at his piano with his back to the audience. Gently he starts to play. The notes resonate around the silent theatre. Everyone becomes mesmerised with each sound. One by one the other musicians slowly take their positions. 5 in total. They pick up their instruments and one at a time they integrate with the harmony from the piano. The sound that emanates from the stage is simply beautiful. It truly captures my heart. I can feel the passion from the musicians in the vibrations of every note. A gently moving picture lights up the back of the stage adding effect to the music. It was almost like the music is gently caressing you from all around the theatre. For around 2 hours (apart from the interval) there is not a shuffle or a phone ring or even a murmur from anyone. The whole audience is in a deep trance as they listen to and feel the music.

Ludovico Ein Audi Birmingham

I can almost still feel it. I would love my children to experience this but most concerts of this type are aimed at adults and most adults (including myself) would not appreciate the disturbance from kids.

However I was happy to learn that Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra have concerts aimed at families. We’ve been lucky enough to be invited to one this halloween and I can’t wait to see what my daughter makes of it all.

Here is what The Liverpool Philharmonic have to say

“Liverpool Philharmonic Family Concerts are a great way for children and adults to come together to experience a full symphony orchestra performing music live. Concerts last about one hour. Fidgeting is allowed, and the whole family is welcome, so come along and give it a try!”

The concert is on the 29th October at 2.30 pm and tickets start at £8 for children. If you live in the North West UK why not get your halloween costumes ready and join in the fun.


Please note we were gifted tickets for the concert in Liverpool but the Ludovico Ein Audi concert was paid for by ourselves. Look out for our review of the halloween concert in November.

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  1. Sounds like an amazing experience. I do think you can feel music. Songs and certan piece of music will bring up memories, help you remember good times and help you through the bad.

  2. I can honestly say if never experienced live music like this before but you’ve really made me want to. You’ve described it wonderfully and I think it would be really amazing. I think people who can play like that are so talatened. Thank you so much for sharing this at #familyfun

  3. What a wonderful description of the concert…it sounds amazing! Music is a massive part of my life, I have always gone to gigs and will be encouraging my daughter to do the same. I love Zero 7 too. I have just got tickets to see the Prodigy in December (my favourite band in the world)! #Blogstravaganza

  4. Live concerts are my favourite thing to do! Glad you enjoyed yourselves! Thanks for sharing this with #TriumphantTales, hope to see you Tuesday! X

  5. #thesatsesh ohhh im so jel! i just read a bio all about James Rhodes and it made me NEED to see some live music in a theatrical setting. Im adding this experience to my Christmas list…only 13 weeks to go 🙂


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