Car Journey Games Ideas

Some Car Journey Games for Toddlers to Adults


Keeping in the theme of road trips I thought I would ask the bloggers what are their favourite games to play in the car with kids. Anything that keeps them from complaining is worth a go. We all know ‘I spy’, the classic game that is so easy to teach like Katy from KatyKicker plays. My daughter isn’t to bad with her spelling now but this game did provide some giggles and frustrations when she didn’t know the first letter!

I love a game of guess who, not the traditional board game but more of guess who I am thinking about. It is usually a family member, a friend or a cartoon character. Everyone in the car gets a turn in asking a question for example “Is it a man?” or “Are they on tv?”, the answer can only be yes or no. You can then use a turn to guess who I’m thinking of. If you get it wrong you’re out.

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Here are some more ideas you can try the next time you have a long journey with bored kids.

Sarah from Boo Roo and Tigger Too suggested ‘Yellow car no returns’ , here’s how to play

“A very simple concept – spot a yellow car and shout ‘yellow car no returns‘ before anyone else.

You’d be surprised at just how competitive it can get. As well as how annoying it is when you’re not paying attention and someone else spots a yellow car. Suddenly you have to switch your A game back on and are scouring the carriageway for anything yellow.

Now you’re probably wondering why ‘yellow car no returns‘, think of it like the good old days when we used to say double dog dare you and no comebacks. It’s claiming that you saw the car first and managed to get the whole spiel out rather than yellow car.  Sounds daft but honestly next time you’re in the car see how many yellow cars you will spot.  It’s surprising just how many of them there are. Oh and ambulances, AA vans (or any vans for that matter), lorries, breakdown trucks etc don’t count.”

Sarah from Whimsical Mumblings suggested this really simple game that even the little ones can do. First to find a…”(whatever colour) car wins! And gets to pick the next colour.

Bala camping

Katie from Mummy’s Diary says they always shout out whenever they see a lorry or they shout out the colours of the passing cars.

Lyndsay-Rose from My Family of Roses plays at ‘guessing the directions’ when she and her toddler are both passengers.

Maria from Happy Mummy plays another classic, ‘I went to the supermarket and I bought’ – the first person says an item say Milk, then the next person says all the items so far and adds one so it would be Milk & Bread. When someone forgets an item they are out – keep going until you get a winner.


Jessica from That Mummy Blog says “We love playing ‘I spy with my minds eye…’ Instead of choosing something in front of you, you choose an item and say where it would be… ‘I spy with my minds eye…something in the kitchen!’ Then guess what would be in the kitchen.🙂 We find the typical eye spy gets boring quite quickly nowadays!”


Carla from Rtoats Blog plays ‘I yps’ (sounds like ipsy!) spy my with my two eyes something the colour of….A different take of eye spy!

Kati from How To Rock at Parenting used to make a little bingo card for my daughter when she was younger, with things to spot on the journey. At least one obscure thing on the card would keep her busy all the way.

Chester Zoo boat trip


What are your favourite ways of keeping your little treasures entertained on a long journey?




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