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Mums Enterprise Roadshow inspires mums to shoot for the moon


The roadshow is a child-friendly flexible work and business show, aimed at helping attendees get into the right frame of mind for change. Brilliant for those looking to retrain, find flexible work, start or grow a business.
Preschool pain. Ambition that creates heartache

Am I Doing The Right Thing?

If I am to make a success of setting up my own business then childcare is a necessity. But, boy is it hard leaving them when they don't understand why.
Moving into Digital Marketing

An Ambitious Year

This year I've become a Digital Marketer. I completed a course with Udacity and now I'm ready to take off!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from TalkingMums. A round up of our festivities.
Decoupage Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Crafty Decoupage Advent Calendar

Getting Crafty This Christmas Decoupage Advent Tree From HobbyCraft I always have grand designs of being incredibly crafty at christmas, designing and making lots of personalised gifts and cards. That special touch at christmas. Then reality...
Changing negativity to positivity

9 Easy Steps To A Positive Mind

Stress in small doses keeps us alert but what do we do when it stops us focusing and living. Here are 9 easy steps to achieving a positive mind.

Sorry, It’s been too long!

Sorry I've been a little absent but I've been away enjoying myself! Stay tuned to hear about our adventures at Bluestone Wales.
Being organised

11 Ways I’m Prepared for the School Run

11 Ways I’m Prepared for the School Run I don’t know about you but In our house we are always losing things. Every single day a lost item puts a spanner in the works. I...

Falling Out Of Love With My Nappy Bag

I find the traditional Nappy bag far too cumbersome and came to the conclusion that a backpack was far more practical. Hello Cabin Zero

4 Easy Halloween Crafts

4 Simple Halloween Crafts that you can do with your kids. Spider cookies, ghost lanterns, vampire teeth and pumpkin candle holders.
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