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Talented ladies Club interview with Hannah martin

The Power of Talented Ladies

An Interview With The Founder Of Talented Ladies Club My last blog post shared the story behind the discovery of Mums Enterprise with Lindsey Fish. Continuing with inspiring stories from women, this week we have...

Celebrating International Women’s Day.

An Interview with Lindsey Fish - CEO of Mums Enterprise Ltd Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. A day not only to celebrate the inspirational and courageous women in our lives but also to celebrate ourselves...
Mums Enterprise Roadshow inspires mums to shoot for the moon


The roadshow is a child-friendly flexible work and business show, aimed at helping attendees get into the right frame of mind for change. Brilliant for those looking to retrain, find flexible work, start or grow a business.
Christmas Eve, getting the kids to sleep

The Christmas Eve Wind Down

The Christmas Eve Wind Down Not just for the kids! This time next week it will be Christmas Day, eeek. I'm not sure who is more excited about the big day, the kids or us? Someone...
Changing negativity to positivity

9 Easy Steps To A Positive Mind

Stress in small doses keeps us alert but what do we do when it stops us focusing and living. Here are 9 easy steps to achieving a positive mind.
Vitamin D

Vitamin D, Do You Need It?

Vitamin D. Do or don't you need it? Check out this info graph to learn more about this vital vitamin.

Can You Feel Music?

Music can play an important role in brain development. Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra have created events for families to enjoy music together.
Seventh Generation Cleaning Products

Cleaning Made Easy

Cleaning Made Easy **Closed** A Seventh Generation Review and CompetitionWhen it comes to cleaning the house, I’m not a fan. I know there are some strange people out there who love cleaning but I am...
Bibetta UltraBib

8 Top Tips To Make Toddler Mealtimes Easier

Messy toddler mealtimes made easy with these top tips.
The Snowman Tour

The Snowman Tour 2017

The Snowman Tour 2017 A Touch Of Magic This Christmas Carrot Productions When someone mentions the word ‘snowman’ and ‘christmas’ one immediately turns their thoughts to the famous picture story book and animated film ‘The SnowMan’ by...
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