Celebrating His Second Birthday!

Celebrating His Second Birthday! 

Two is an age where they don’t really know it’s their birthday, they just know some sort of fuss is being made. But still, the occasion can’t go by without a celebration. I have kept him fed and watered for two whole years after all!

We celebrated with a little tea party with his sister and their cousins and then a day out at Chester Zoo. We had a lovely weekend. Though the visitors at Chester Zoo had the pleasure of witnessing the most almighty tantrum he has ever had, lasting for a record breaking hour! Not even chocolate could rectify the problem.

Pud turning 2 marks a turning point for us. He’s now old enough to go to preschool and so he started a couple of weeks ago. It’s been painful leaving him there. The preschool is great and the teachers are brilliant but his little head is just to young to comprehend why he is being left there. Hopefully soon he will the fun in being there. I want and need him to attend preschool. For him to socialise and learn more about teamwork and for me to try and forge a new career.

I know he must have enjoyed some of it as he came home singing ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ the other weekend. Any attempt I made to teach him this one resulted in a firm ‘No’.

BIke and Car obsessed two year old

But 2 years old, how did that happen. He is changing so much so quickly. We’re never happy as mums are we? We worry when they aren’t reaching perceived milestones and when they do we wish they could stay just as they are!

The most mazing minion birthday chocolate cake

I am loving how he is starting to develop his speech though. He has many conversations with us that we now understand, but for anyone else they often require professional translation. I love how he says ‘mup’ for up, ‘loofy’ for Lewis or ‘mmmmm – gum’ for milk! We tried to teach him ‘mmm – milk’ but he still insists on calling it ‘gum’! He is obsessed with ‘brum brum cars’ and ‘matman’. His efforts at ‘ninki’ – winking have us giggling and his dance moves are fabulous.

I love the way he copies his sisters dancing, regularly doing circuits after her around the kitchen table throwing some crazy moves and attempting to sing.

Having fun at Chester Zoo
Pre tantrum!

He makes us laugh with his effort of thumbs up. Instead it looks more like he is pointing. Recently we have been asking him to smile. His natural smile is gorgeous but his smile when asked to is better placed in Wallace and Gromit!

His pushchair days are numbered. He has managed to work out how to escape and prefers to walk..for all of about 10 minutes till he wants ‘mup’. Yet he still hasn’t managed to escape from his cot! Those sides are staying up for as long as possible.

Having fun at Chester Zoo.
Having fun at Chester Zoo

He might drive me nuts at times. He is as strong willed as they come, but he is my little cheeky chappie. The little pudding that made our family whole. Love you Pud.


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  1. Ahhh happy birthday to your little man….sounds like he is very head strong little guy hopefully he won’t drive you too bananas in the twos! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xoxo


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