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Getting Crafty This Christmas

Decoupage Advent Tree From HobbyCraft

I always have grand designs of being incredibly crafty at christmas, designing and making lots of personalised gifts and cards. That special touch at christmas. Then reality checks in and I’ve usually left it too late!

A few years ago I spotted the advent calendars in Hobbycraft, the ones where you decorate it yourself and I thought how lovely. A keepsake year after year that you have lovingly decorated together. So this year I decided to buy them one each. Pops of course is old enough to help me with hers and she wanted to help with her her little brothers too.

We’ve never done decoupage before but wanted to give it a whirl. A trip to Hobbycraft saw the shopping basket full of crafty bits and pieces:

Equipment need to decorating an advent calendar tree
Equipment need to decorate an advent calendar tree

First Step.

Take all the drawers out and spray paint the frame. With hindsight using a primer first would have created a better finish. With ours we sprayed the tree frame green.

Second Step

Tear up the decoupage paper into rough smallish squares, about the size of a stamp.

Tearing up the paper for decoupage
Tearing up the paper for decoupage
Tearing up the paper for decoupage
Paper ready for decoupage

Third Step

One by one, brush PVA glue over the drawer front and apply a thin layer of the paper square. Be careful not to have too much bulk over the sides of the drawers or else they won’t fit back in (like we did!). Apply another thin layer of PVA glue and add a second layer of the paper. Apply a last layer of glue over the top, being careful not to leave any gaps and smooth out any bubbles. Set to one side to dry. This may take overnight. I trimmed the excess once dry. If there are any decoupage experts out there – tips in the comments please…

Decoupage advent drawers all readyDecoupage drawers all ready
Decoupage drawers all ready

Fourth Step

Whilst the drawers are drying, we painted some of the wooden characters and numbers.

Wooden Advent calendar decorating
Painting the small wooden characters for the drawers

Fifth Step

Once the drawers are dry you can go ahead and decorate them with the wooden characters and numbers. We used a glue gun to ensure a strong hold although it was a little fiddly with the very small numbers.

Sixth Step

We decided to get wooden letters too and glue her name on down the side of the tree.

Seventh Step

Step back and admire your hard work that your child mostly did, all by themselves with no perfection intervention from you! Fill with little chocolate treats and the odd small inexpensive gift. For example, hair bobbles and nail varnish for my daughter and a couple of hot wheels cars for my son.

Finished decoupage advent tree calendar
Finished decoupage advent tree calendar
Finished decoupage advent tree calendar
Finished decoupage advent tree calendar

Next week I’ll share how we got on with the wooden advent train from Hobbycraft.


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  1. This looks so good and so pretty too! It’s such a lovely idea having something you can all do as a family and keep and use for many Christmases to come. I only recently discovered Hobbycraft for the first time and thought it was great. #fortheloveofBLOG

  2. I’m obsessed with hobbycraft at the moment and love all the decoupage goodies there. This advent calendar is beautiful! I will definitely draw inspiration from this post, love it. #fortheloveofBLOG


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