Days out with the kids, north west UK
Days out with the kids, north west UK

Day’s out in the North West

The holidays have arrived and we all love a good day out with kids while they are off school. We love to get out and about mainly for our own sanity but also to let the littles run wild and burn off some of that everlasting energy they have!

For me a place needs to have a few things in order for me to want to return:

  • Areas for picnics – I much prefer to bring my own food for a day out than battle for a table in a busy cafe or restaurant with a screaming toddler and a bulky pram! Also I’m fed up of paying for food that they then don’t eat.
  • Toilets AND baby change in accessible places, preferably in various locations if the venue is large. Nappy explosions aren’t predictable!
  • A play area at at the very least a large area for them to run around on without any immediate danger of bodies of water etc. 
  • Beautiful scenery. Ok, this one is purely for me as the kids aren’t really bothered about that.
  • At the moment, paths that are easy to push a pram on are ideal too.

So here is a quick round up of my favourite places to visit. Hopefully it’ll give you some ideas.


Ness Botanic Gardens

A beautiful place for kids to run around. Of course the weather helps but this is a place you can spend most of the day. They have plenty of grassy areas for a picnic. A play area and little nooks for big imaginations to run wild.

Ness Botanical Gardens, TalkingMums
Ness Botanical Gardens,



A National Trust venue with beautiful gardens, a natural play area called ‘Wolf’s Den’, a cafe and Ice Cream Parlour and a house to explore. As with all National Trust properties they do tend to run events and trails and various times of the year. We only discovered Erddig at the start of this year and already we’ve returned.

Erddig Wolf's Den
Erddig Wolf’s Den
Erddig, National Trust
Erddig, National Trust


Dunham Massey

Another National Trust venue with gardens, a large park, a house and restaurant to explore. Again a brilliant outdoor space for kids to be kids, exploring, building dens, bug detecting and watching the world go by. There are also deer roaming free which is always a cause for amusement with Pops. This is a place you can just take an easy stroll around and let them run around, no fuss.


Stockley Farm

Small and compact but has it all. Animals to view and touch. Indoor play area for when it rains, outdoor play area for when our British weather allows, short woodland walks and a cafe. They hold events at seasonal times of the year. The highlight for most kids seems to be the tractor ride from the car park to the farm!

Stockley Farm, Cheshire. TalkingMums
Stockley Farm, Cheshire

Delamere Forest

Our local ‘go to’ forest. Delamere is looked after by the Forestry Commission and is a firm favourite for our family. You can read more about why it is special to us on a previous post I have written. Central is a large lake, find the Gruffalo or take part in activities such as den building and bug exploring. There are so many walks you can do here so this place never gets boring.

Delamere Forest, Cheshire
Delamere Forest, Cheshire


Trentham Gardens

Another favourite we only discovered last year. Technically not quite the north west but within easy access from the north west! You can read more about why we love it on a previous post. The Trentham Estate is in Stoke-On-Trent and just 10 minutes off the M6. So many spaces for kids to run around and explore. A visit is not complete without doing the barefoot trail or seeking out all the fairy sculptures.

Trentham Gardens Barefoot Trail
Trentham Gardens Barefoot Trail
Trentham Gardens, Stoke on Trent
Trentham Gardens, Stoke on Trent

The Ice cream farm

The venue for our daughter’s upcoming fifth birthday. Set in the beautiful Cheshire countryside this place has gone from strength to strength over the years attracting visitors from all over the north west. Beware it can get extremely busy over holiday periods so try to visit early in the day or late on. Don’t let a bit of unsettled weather put you off either, there are indoor areas to retreat to such as the sand and water play area that hold just as much fun as the outdoor areas.


The Manley Mere Adventure Trail

Manley Mere is another place that holds many memories in particular for my OH. He used to visit as a child, windsurfing on the lake. Around the lake you can picnic if the weather allows or you could use the restaurant. But the best part is the trail and actually if you visit when it’s raining or just been raining then it’s even better. You have to accept that here you WILL get dirty. It’s a muddy obstacle course for little kids and big kids. (In fact me and my OH did the trail pre-kids, being the big kids we are!). You can of course bypass the obstacles if you’re with a pram/pregnant/wimpy 😉

Manley Adventure Trail, Cheshire
Manley Adventure Trail, Cheshire
Manley Adventure Trail, Cheshire, TalkingMums
Manley Adventure Trail, Cheshire



  1. I have lived in the north west my whole life and only ever heard of delamere and the ice cream farm! Where have I been hiding?! I’m going to check all of these out for future reference, if the chicken pox ever decide to do one! #sharingthebloglove

    • I have to say that if you’re up for muddy fun then the Manley adventure trail is so much fun. Trentham although not quite in the north west isns’t far to travel to and it’s gorgeous. Hope you guys are chicken pox free soon! x

  2. I’m really sad I live so far away as so many of these sound amazing! I’ve seen such lovely photos of Errdig, and Ness Botanic Gardens too, but it’s the Ice Cream Farm that truly catches my interest! I remember the first time I heard about it, I think it was someone posting on Instagram, and I was so upset when I looked it up and saw how far away it was. I’ll have to plan a holiday up North sometime! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  3. These are all so far away from me. But I love the sound of an Ice Cream Farm, how amazing is that. I wonder if we have anything like this in the south, I must google and have a look. I feel like I’m missing out. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x

  4. Lovely I wrote a very similar post a couple of weeks ago and included some of the same places! We must live quite close to each other! Ness Gardens is my favourite place!! Great post #sharingthebloglove


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