A Review of A Day At Chester Zoo

Elephant Poo at Chester Zoo


Chester Zoo is local, lucky for us. We have been a few times now and never have we had a bad experience. For our recent trip we were invited by Chester Zoo to spend the day there in return for an honest review.

TalkingMums at Chester Zoo

On the run up to the day we had scheduled the trip the weather forecast was dismal, rain, rain and more rain! We decided not to change the date so we had to just take on the attitude of whatever the weather we won’t let it stop us having fun.


So kitted out with all in one waterproofs (for the kids), wellies and umbrellas we set off for a day at the zoo. Jumping in puddles was our mission. Luckily the weather forecast wasn’t all that accurate (surprise, surprise) and it was largely dry but best of all there were plenty of puddles left.

Chester zoo and TalkingMums

First up were the Elephants, they are right by the entrance. In fact twice a month they have a mother and baby/toddler group that is free to attend. You don’t get entry to the zoo but the elephants you can see. By the elephants was a zoo ranger holding a large piece of year old elephant poo and a broken piece of elephant tooth she chatted to the kids about. They were fascinated and so was I actually!

elephant poo at chester zoo

chester zoo elephants

We had done our research prior to visiting and learned that activities took place throughout the day. So had the weather been really bad we had a backup plan. But to be honest the activities sounded really fun so we went to see what they were all about.


New to Chester Zoo is The Base Camp and The Madagascan Play Space. The BaseCamp holds the various activities such as forest expeditions, animal gameshows, tots storytime and animal challenges. Our kids loved taking part. Competitive they may be, they enjoyed it all. Dressing up, exploring and bug catching. It was rather funny watching them on the forest expedition, as soon as they realised bugs were hidden around the hut the two of them snuck off to find them as the zoo ranger talked about the previous bug and where it came from. The Madagascan Play Space is one big, fun outdoor adventure play area.

Chester Zoo Play

On to the water feature, so we may have escaped the rain but that didn’t mean we weren’t going to get wet. As you can see from the pictures they really got stuck in. Both the older ones and the little ones couldn’t help but try the water pumps and splash in the trickling water.

Lets Play At Chester Zoo, TalkingMums

The chimps have to be a favourite. I don’t think we are alone in saying we could watch them for ages. The kids were fascinated by the actions of the chimps. They are so interesting to watch, bizarre too as one insisted sticking it’s finger up another one’s bottom which as you can imagine brought much laughter to the onlookers.

TalkingMums at Chester Zoo

The girls had their faces painted as butterflies as they did the last time we visited. We had a boat trip round the islands, we didn’t see many animals on the boat trip but as the weather wasn’t all that good I can imagine they were all inside. But it was pretty relaxing on the boat, resting our tired feet. We couldn’t do it last time as my youngest wasn’t walking so this was new for us this time. It was like a mini adventure as the two girls tried their best to figure out what was making the boat move. Ideas from crocodiles to someone swimming underneath were suggested!

Other animals we saw were rhinos, camels, giraffes, flamingos, butterflies in the butterfly house, capybaras, the bats and reptiles.

Giraffes at Chester Zoo, TalkingMums

Rhinos at Chester Zoo, TalkingMums


There are a few places around the zoo you can buy hot and cold food as well as eat picnics under shelter. There are adequate toilet facilities for everyone including disabled and baby change. The whole zoo is pram and wheelchair friendly. Make sure you wear good footwear though as you will walk miles.

Chester Zoo and TalkingMums

We had so much fun and there is so much to see at Chester Zoo we couldn’t fit it all in. So another trip this summer will be on the agenda. Don’t forget to check out their website and the #LetsPlayatChesterZoo site too, plan in your activities and make sure you know what’s on.


Disclosure: We were gifted tickets for this trip to Chester Zoo but all opinions are my own.



  1. I must be honest, when I saw your heading I was immediately intrigued! What an amazing outing! I am sure the kids just loved it, and jumping in puddles… Pure Delight! 🙂 #globalblogging

  2. We live a couple of hours away and we visited last October so that my mum could do the elephant encounter which she said was incredible. I was so impressed at how much they’ve added since I last went as a teen. I loved the Islands and it looks like you all had an amazing time! X

  3. Oh I love a zoo day! You had me at the giraffes – my absolute fave and none of the local zoos in kent seem to have them up close (which is probably a good thing as they are free to roam). Pinned on my days out board if I’m ever near Chester…which I happen to be in a couple of weekends! Thanks so much – it really looks a fantastic place, whatever the weather 😉

    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub


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