Elmo’s stuck in Garbage World!

This weekend we had one tired little girl. A busy week back at school after half term and a packed weekend took its toll on our daughter. We decided to let her have a chilled out afternoon on the sofa with a film. Sometimes a bit of screen time in my opinion is more than ok.

I’m in the kitchen making tea and my other half is sorting out the paint and brushes (yes we fit the stereotypical roles of males and females!).

Then I hear a tiny whimper. Usually this would be coming from my ever clingy son, but as he was currently at my ankles I knew it wasn’t him. I went in to see my daughter sobbing. Sobbing so much she struggled to tell me what was upsetting her. She eventually managed to tell me that she is upset because Elmo had got stuck in garbage world, he couldn’t get out and his friends couldn’t find him!

We asked her to eat her tea and then we could finish watching the film and see that Elmo was ok. I could see a night filled with nightmares if we didn’t. Sat at the table she slowly ate a few spoonfuls still sobbing. “I can’t eat because I’m worried about Elmo” she cried. Our attempts to reassure her that Elmo’s friends wouldn’t give up until they found him seem to fail. So after tea we fast forwarded the film (as it was late) and let her see that Elmo was back in the normal world with his friends just like we said.

Relieved and happy she went to bed. Our tired little girl then proceeded to be the philosopher she becomes at bedtime who was thirsty, needed hugs and stroking! We tuck her in and she is still concerned about Elmo.

Wow! Note to self…Elmo is banned along with the you tube videos of egg opening (what is that all about!).

Where’s the wine!


  1. Oh bless her. You can never predict things like that can you?! And I have no idea what the egg opening thing is all about – all I know is that’s it’s made my little one want one everytime we go out – along with blimmin blind bags!! #marvmondays


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