Flat Shoes vs Heels!

So the other evening, I went to a concert with my boyfriend. It’s a rare evening out, hence wearing heels is also a rarity. I relished the fact that I had the time to get ready and actually felt like I applied my make up rather than slapped it on. I put on a pair of fantastic heels and down we went for our meal in the hotel restaurant.

Food all finished and we headed back up to the room to get our coats, as we were walking to the concert hall. And there they were. My flat shoes. They spoke to me ‘I’ll be comfier’ then my heels said, ‘but you never wear me’. My flats repeated ‘I’ll be comfier’, my heels protested ‘your legs look better in me’…my flats won the battle. By 3 inches.

I miss my heels but my feet hurt and I feel like I walk like I’ve had an accident in my pants. I’ve lost the art of walking in heels. Will I ever get that back?




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