Get Out! Ideas For Playing Outside With The Kids

Some children can’t get enough of being outdoors and others would rather sit in front of the Tv or their games console. Have you tried for hours to get the kids out of the house? Even if there is glorious sun outside. This is something that hasn’t changed for approaching 30 years now! While there are so many opportunities for things to do on a rainy day indoors, we need to make the most of the sunny days while we can, because let’s face it, there’s only a handful a year! What can we do to get them out? Exercise and sunshine are a vital combination, and while some children don’t like the idea of getting sweaty and running around, they do like to play games!

Hit the beach or the park with a frisbee

The old ones are the best! Chucking a Frisbee around is fun, it gets people running around, and therefore it’s a decent bit of cardio. Make it more interesting and get the family competing and it’s a simple way to engage your children. Because no child (or adult) likes to lose, and this is the main thing to bear in mind when you’re trying to get them up, make them compete (especially with siblings).

Get on a bike

My daughter has recently learned to ride her bike without stabilisers and so this summer we intend to make more of getting out on our bikes. Riding around on difficult terrain demands concentration, and when you’re not going at a slow speed, you’ve got to work hard, and the great thing is that when you’re focused on getting a bike up a hill in wonderful weather, the strain it puts on your muscles is hardly noticeable! It’s all good! Yes, bikes can be a costly expense, but think about it, the benefits of having a bike (not just for the children, but you too) are many. Mountain biking is noted as one of the better kids summer holiday activities because it’s outdoors and it’s fun, you can finally cover more ground than you used to walking and it burns off loads of energy. So, while biking is a big investment if you want to go riding together as a family, it’s definitely a solid one!

Outdoor Classes (Or Indoor Ones With Air-Con!)

There are loads of classes that are done out in a field which gives you the benefit of the open-air And, yes, sometimes in the heat, you want to get to a nice air-conditioned room, and there are plenty of classes that give you that option. If you’ve got younger girls, you could take them to dance classes, or for your disengaged boys, you could take them to a boxing class. Dancing like ballet works wonders for core and posture, and boxing gives you an all over workout and increases focus. But don’t discriminate, if your son wants to go to ballet or your daughter to boxing, let them!

The Old Fashioned…

Have a kick about in the field. It’s simple, and it’s quality parent/child time, and it’s the price of a football. Some children don’t appreciate watching sports, but they’d rather play them. Make the most of the warm weather and get a sweat on, and spending a bit of time with your child isn’t too bad either, is it?

Join a watersports club

Look for a local watersports club. Windsurfing, kayaking and paddleboarding can all be really fun sports that get kids involved and outdoors. Equipment can be expensive to buy but many places offer the loan of equipment instead.

Whichever you choose, have fun.


*This is a collaborative post


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