I hope you’ve all enjoyed the Christmas festivities and are ready to take on 2018 with enthusiasm and self belief. I’ve been enjoying a much needed 2 weeks off! We had a fab break with so much going on.

I should have probably written a separate post on each of these but hey ho! I was off enjoying myself. Here are our highlights:


The Snowman live at Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

We were invited to this event a few months ago. I did not hesitate to accept. We had to travel for just over an hour to get there. We did a child swap for the day and took our niece along with Pops and left Pud with his aunt. The Snowman Live tour runs every year in various locations across the country. The Snowman film is screened accompanied by a live orchestra and beautiful singing. It was truly magical and just what we needed to kick start the festive season. I think we might have to do it again next year!

The Snowman Live at Blackpool Tower Ballroom

The Snowman Live at Blackpool Tower Ballroom

The annual Santa visit

Then there was the obligatory visit to see Santa. This year we chose Church Farm on the Wirral. It was a fab set up that kept us smiling from start to finish. You can read our review ‘Mummy, Is He The Real Santa?’.  

Santa Experience 2017 Church Farm

The School Nativity

It made me a little sad when a mum replied “oh it was just another nativity, seen it all before” to my question about how it went. I know a nativity is just a nativity but when your child is in the play, whatever part big or small it’s exciting, isn’t it? Maybe it’s just me? I guess if your child doesn’t enjoy it then that changes things. I was incredibly excited to see her little face. She thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. She was one of the narrators and she beamed through the whole show.

The School Nativity

Christmas Day

Then of course Christmas day. Despite the 04:30 wake up call from one very excited little girl we had a chilled out morning just the four of us in our PJ’s with croissants and lots of present opening. The excitement on her face will keep me smiling all the way to next Christmas. Pud at nearly 2 years old was too young to get excited about opening presents but boy did he feed off his sister’s energy! This year I was determined not to buy them stuff for the sake of making a bigger present pile (why do we do that?). The best part was enjoying the day together, having loads of fun, eating chocolate for breakfast and not minding the house looking like a bomb had hit it

The OH’s family arrived at 2. Then the chaos began. The thing with young kids is they are moody, you never know on a given day if they are going to telling tales and whining about each other or disappear into silence because they are actually getting on really well. Luckily we had the latter. The main meal had to be served in three sittings as we had the task of feeding 11 people on a 4 person table. More difficult was keeping food hot and not overcooked whilst we all had our turn eating. It may not have been Michelin star quality food but I think it went down pretty well.

Christmas dinner for 11


We had star performances from the kids, a group performance and then individual performances from each of them…I vividly remember putting my family through this when i was a child. At least none of our kids have discovered the recorder yet! Instead we had Little Mix.


Unfortunately there was a sadness that filled the room. Two days before Christmas my OH’s grandad passed away after about 18 months of suffering with dementia. He was a very much loved part of the family. I always felt privileged that my kids actually had a great grandad. Sadly my own dad passed away many years ago so my kids never had the joy of having a relationship with him.

Despite the sadness we all still got together and I think I can safely say he was never far from our thoughts.

Boxing day

Another lovely day spent with those closest to us. This time we travelled to my mums, it’s around a 45 minute journey. There was my mum, her husband, my sister and the four of us. I always feel like it can be pretty overwhelming for them having my two running around. They are so used to peace and quiet! We had a lovely meal and enjoyed a few rounds of Rapidough.


Now it’s time to get my act together and make the most of 2018!

What have you all been up?



  1. Happy new year hon! Lovely to catch up with that you’ve been doing over the festive period. The Snowman Live looks fantastic! Wishing you a happy new year xx

  2. We really enjoyed the Snowman Live and thought it was a really wonderful experience to share with the boys. I’m sorry you had a loss over the Christmas period, that must have been incredibly difficult for you. Sending love x

  3. Its weird to think we are already in the New Year and 2017 is no more, I am loving 2017 but 2018 is looking even more incredible. It seems you had a great end to the year


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