Holding Onto Memories of Your Little One’s Early Days

We live in an age where we document more of our lives than ever before. While people in the past would merely have a few diary entries and perhaps a few photos spanning 2 maybe 3 photo albums to document their entire lives, the rise of social media in the past decade has ensured that many of us have footage of our everyday lives. From pictures with friends and photos of meals on Instagram to a running commentary of our every thought and feeling on Twitter. Future versions of ourselves will be able to look back into the past and see exactly how our lives have panned out.

But there’s more to memories than online photos and when it comes to documenting what our little ones are up to, images are more likely to be private and something that you don’t want to share with the entire world. So how should you go about safely holding onto lasting memories of important life events once you become a parent?


Professional Photo Shoots

Anyone with a smartphone camera can claim to be some sort of photographer. But you can really tell the difference in image quality and the creative angle taken between amateur phone users and professional photographers. When it comes to photographing children, specialist experience is required. Along with animals, kids are renowned for being difficult to keep still and work alongside. The number of photos I take in order to get one decent capture. So you could book your little one in for a professional photo shoot. Consider Little Planet Photos. This company is regarded as one of the best when it comes to getting perfect and natural snaps of your little ones. Professional standard prints can also be framed for your walls or images can be printed onto canvases for the perfect piece of wall art for your home. It’s time to put images of your loved ones on a real wall, as opposed to your Facebook wall.

Video Footage

Again, technology has come along way in recent years. Many of us will have shaky, grainy footage of school plays we starred in as young kids. But times are changing and we are now capable of getting better quality footage from the phones in our pockets than the hulky camcorders of days passed.

You can easily edit your own footage nowadays too, with apps such as iMovie. This means that footage can be whittled down to the best parts and you won’t have to subject your friends and family to two hours of hymns and percussion to give them an idea of your child’s achievements. If your child is the active type, you might also like to consider investing in a GoPro. This tiny piece of video equipment is weatherproof and sturdy. It can be attached to your child while they take part in sports such as swimming, horse riding or skateboarding for brilliant footage of their hobbies from a new and quirky angle.



Give your child a large scrapbook with thick, dense paper. They can spend hours sticking mementos of their favourite days in these. I’ve bought a simple scrapbook for my daughter so she can save up travel tickets from holidays, pictures from special days out and other miscellaneous bits and pieces like shells, favourite stickers and drawings or paintings. These books will become true treasure troves as time goes on. Treat them like a time capsule and store them away in the loft or your attic space once they are filled. You will have great fun reminiscing with your kids once they are grown up and the scrapbooks are brought back down.

A Memory Box

Put together a box (or two) of treasured mementos. Similar to the scrapbook but articles that have meaning to you. I have a box with both my children’s name bands from the hospital when they were born, their first shoes, handprints and other valuables. I love to take them out once in awhile and reminisce.  

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