Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg

Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Easter Egg:

Easter Giveaway **Closed**

Watch this space…the winner has been chosen and now has an email to respond to. Congratulations!

Easter is fast approaching. Sunday 16th April it is this year. You may have bought all the kids and relatives their easter eggs but has anyone remembered to buy you one?

I thought it was about time I ran a little giveaway as a thank you to all the lovely people who take the time to visit, read and comment on my blog.

So here it is. A delicious extra thick milk chocolate easter egg, from the luxury chocolatier Hotel Chocolat.

I had one of these last year and I have to say it was truly amazing. Who doesn’t love a bit (a lot) of chocolate at easter (all the time)? We all deserve a little luxury from time to time, so why not enter to win one of these fabulous easter eggs.

Competition open until 31.03.17 12am

***Sorry but only open to UK entrants***



Extra Thick Easter Egg from Hotel Chocolat
Hotel Chocolat


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  2. I would love to win as I have never tried your chocolate before, but am pretty sure it would be amazing, so crossing fingers and hoping to ‘tick this item’ from my bucket list.

  3. I would LOVE to win it, especially as they are usually gluten free and that means if I won it I could share it safely with my beloved ❤

  4. Soooooo much!!! I am expecting my first baby and all bump wants is chocolate lol. This would really hit the spot. Thank you

  5. I would love to win lots and lots…with an added pretty please! Its the perfect treat to fufill my sweet tooth!!

  6. Hotel Chocolat make the very best Easter eggs, so thick and so tasty, I reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly want to win one

  7. Oh wow I would really like to win this delicious looking easter egg! 🙂 Luxury!!! Hotel Chocolat is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Just a teeny tiny b ………….. not wait THAT is wrong! I would love to win it VERY, VERY much … like to the moon and back much …..

  9. Very much. I’ve never actually had a hotel chocolat Easter egg, but I’ve drooled over them many times. I would really like to win this so much, so I can share it with my lovely children.

  10. i would absolutely love to win! love hotel chocolate but never treated myself to one of there easter eggs before. please pick me! 😀

  11. I can’t express how much I want one of these eggs, they look so amazing. I think I might hint to my husband 🙂

  12. I really really really really REALLY would love to win this egg. So much so, that i’d give up eating chocolate til I got it so I could savour it even more!

  13. Great competition, thanks so much for the chance to win this lovely delicious prize. Very happily liked and shared your Facebook page and post.

  14. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this! would just love to surprise my hubby with this as a thank you for all that he does and a nice happy easter gift 😀 x

  15. I would very much like to! I have always wanted one but cannot justify the expense. I would love to share this with my family.

  16. I really really want to win this Hotel Extra Thick Chocolate Easter Egg, my taste buds are tingling at the thought of munching into this

  17. I would absolutely love to win this Easter egg which looks gorgeous and yummy. Luckily my OH doesn’t like chocolate so I’d be able to keep it all for myself.

  18. I would love to win this so much as no-one ever buys me an Easter Egg – always buying them for rest of the family though ;))

  19. Oh Id love to win this delightful treat, I’d have a pamper night in bed with book lol.. Thank you very much for the chance

  20. Too much!! The first time I ever came across Hotel Chocolat was because I was looking online at Easter Eggs but even though every year I look at their website, theres no way I could ever spend that amount of money on an Easter egg. Fingers crossed that one day I can win one 🙂

  21. I have been dropping hints about Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg for few years now, with zero result 🙂
    Think winning one is my only chance!
    Looks absolutely amazing, perfect for a chocoholic like me!

  22. I would really love to win an extra thick Easter egg – there is so much delicious chocolate in it it would make sharing it really easy and untraumatic!

  23. Well if you see how big I am then you would understand how much I want this Easter Egg. I simply LOVE Chocolate especially Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg. Extra Thick as well. Totally YUMMY YUM YUM in MY TUMMY. XXX

  24. Love Hotel Chocolate and this would be an amazing treat for me instead of me always buying for everyone else 🙂

  25. Eek!!! i would MASSIVELY love to win!!! this is mine and my husband’s absolute favourite chocolate so perfect for us to share xxx

  26. I would love to win this easter egg, I am a huge Hotel Chocolat fan – I love the chocolate but unfortunately find the customer service leaves a lot to be desired. As I live miles away from a store I do not buy it anymore. This would be an amazing prize for me.

  27. Very much indeed!! I love Hotel Chocolate but I’ve never been lucky enough to have an Easter Egg from them before…. fingers crossed!

  28. I have always loved the look of Hotel Chocolate Easter eggs. Just the sheer thickness of the thing!! I would love to win it (although my diet would say otherwise) It would be such a treat and something I would never get other than winning it!!

  29. I would love to win this so much I am quite faint with the thought of it. Their chocolate is gorgeous, simply gorgeous.

  30. I have never tried anything from hotel chocolate before so would really love to win this! Great giveaway! 💙 Thanks 🙂

  31. Very very much. I would even be lovely and share it with my mum so we could have a girly night in watching movies and eating chocolate xx

  32. My wife has just shown me this and I would love to win this so that I am in her good books. And because it looks amazing and I know she would share

  33. I would love to win this egg loads and loads and loads and loads and loads!!!! I have always wanted one of these eggs!

  34. How much would I like to win a delicious extra thick Hotel Chocolat Easter egg? Too much probably, way too much haha! 😀

  35. I would give you my first born to win (just kidding, she’s a teen I know full well you would hand her back). Jokes aside I would love to win because I always spoil the kids and my fiance every easter but forget myself so get handed half chewed bits of chocolate by my youngest two (erm thanks but no thanks lol). Would be lovely to have my own lovely thick quality egg for a change. Thank you for the chance.

  36. I would love to win rhis very muchly it looks very very yummy and id be more than happy to put it in my belly 🙂

  37. I would seriously seriously seriously love to win a hotel chocolate extra thick Easter egg. It is by far our favourite chocolate in this house! Thank you for the chance.

  38. I would really LOVE to win this! It looks just fabulous with all that yummy thick chocolate and the gorgeous chocs inside! I love Hotel Chocolat – I have been known to linger in the shop just savouring the fabulous array of chocolates (and hoping that they’re going to come out with that tray of samples!) 🙂

  39. I want to win cause you’re never too old for an Easter egg and this one looks divine! I would scoff the lot!

  40. This egg looks AMAZING!!! It’s so much thicker than a usual Easter egg!!! So we would love to win it lots and lots and lots! It would definitely get a good home here!!!


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