I really want a baby: Part 3


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Here is Part 3:

After a long slow labour a lovely theatre team made me comfortable in theatre. Nervous but relieved that this journey was nearing its finale. The anaesthetist worked his magic and topped up my epidural to a spinal. Oh my, instant relief again sent a smile across my puffy, sweaty, tired face. Now I knew that meeting my baby was so very near. I worried though. Again I recalled all the babies I’ve held in theatre. Most are perfectly fine, showing us all the signs that they are just fine. Some don’t. I couldn’t help but panic a little. I longed to see her.

Having abdominal surgery whilst awake is such a bizarre feeling. You feel the movement and pressure as the doctors do their thing but no pain. I had seen this so many times but this time it was me on the table, it was our baby about to be born. We were about to become a family. We waited. I heard them report “time of birth”. Nothing was happening. I must have looked worried as the midwife reassured me they were just doing delayed cord clamping. My boyfriend and I looked at each other, tired, nervous and impatient. Then at long last there she was, lifted above the drapes like a prize trophy, 2 chunky arms, 2 chunky legs. She was still a little purple but screaming (loudly), there she was our beautiful precious little girl.


The tears flowed not just from me but from my boyfriend too. What a magical moment. It’s a moment like no other. One I will treasure always. Then she was placed in my arms and my heart melted like it’s never felt this warmth before. This little human being in my arms is our daughter. In that moment our lives changed forever. We were now 3.


  1. I remember that moment as well! Not being able to see what the Dr’s were doing, yet able to feel pushes and pulls. It’s the weirdest feeling. Yet the most beautiful! Thanks for sharing! #globalblogging

  2. What a gorgeous, gorgeous birth story 🙂 I cant imagine how odd it must have been for you to be on the other side of the table! Glad you story had a very happy, and lovely ending. Thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays.


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