A Pregnancy book by Jackie Kietz
A Pregnancy book by Jackie Kietz

I’m Expecting a Baby: Jackie Kietz

Recently when I began to work with Kicks Counts, they asked me if they could put me in touch with Jackie Kietz, the author of a new book titled ‘I’m Expecting a Baby’. As some of the proceeds are donated to the Kicks Count and given by background as a midwife I agreed.

The author

Jackie Kietz is an antenatal educator, trained by the NCT. She is also a trained hypnobirthing instructor and a reflexologist specialising in maternity. She clearly states that the book is intended for women and their partners who are experiencing a low risk pregnancy and the advice is not to replace that of medical professionals.

What is the book about?

The intention of the book is to give women and their partners awareness of their choices throughout the birth process. As an antenatal educator she recognises that women can all too often become medicalised and not question their choices or the advice given to them. She states ‘knowledge is power! After all, if you don’t know your options, you don’t have any’.

Throughout the book are tips for both women and their partners on various aspects of the birth process from where to give birth, planning the journey in, pain relief options, coping mechanisms, empowering affirmations, positions for birth and choices regarding delivering the placenta.

Who is this book for?

Generally it is aimed at pregnant women and their partners but I would also recommend it for student midwives and some qualified midwives too, who want to regain a woman’s perspective on childbirth away from the medical jargon.

Is it reliable, evidence based information?

After reading it from a midwife’s perspective I do believe that all the information Jackie offers is up to date. There are references at the the end of most chapters so you can check them out for updates.

What I like about the book.

Firstly I love the way Jackie talks about empowering women to trust their own bodies and judgement. I also like how she briefly and simply explains the physiological events during birth and reasons for certain medical interventions.

All through the book Jackie offers realistic and sensible advice. She describes options without baffling the reader with jargon and too detailed an explanation. All through the book she includes the partner and offers them tips on how they can help and be actively involved in the birth process.

I love the way Jackie describes women as being at their most ‘powerful’ whilst in labour but also ‘vulnerable’.

To conclude.

Being a midwife I can’t help but look at books like this from a professional point of view. I do sometimes fear that unrealistic expectations can be set. But not here. I really appreciate the way Jackie recognises that the birth process can be unpredictable. She uses balanced arguments to help the reader become aware of their choices. She explains the physiology of birth simply and the varying possible events. She explains the importance of changing negative views towards birth. The book basically focuses on birth being a positive and empowering experience despite its unpredictability.

Do I recommend ‘I’m Expecting a Baby’?

Absolutely yes. If you are pregnant and need a ‘go to’ book when it comes to making decisions and understanding aspects of pregnancy then this book will almost certainly help.

I would advise you to read it early on in your pregnancy as it will prompt you to ask questions about your choices and care at timely points in your pregnancy.

Also by buying the book you are donating money to a worthy charity.

Visit Kicks Count to read about the valuable work they do.

Kicks Count
Kicks Count

Find out more about Jackie and her work here

Look out for a special giveaway on the 10th May 2017 on Kicks Count website

Buy the book on amazon here

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  1. Somedays it blows my mind to know that I will never be pregnant again. Some days I am like YAAAAAAAAAS!

    Weird stage in life for sure. Great book for expectant partners though.

  2. I can 100% vouch for the difference it makes as a mum to feel empowered and in control of the birth as I experienced both ends of the scale with my two children. This sounds like a brilliant book and it’s reassuring to know that it is endorsed by a both a professional and mum such as yourself. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

    • It really is a good book and one I completely recommend to anyone exploring choices around childbirth and preparing for having a baby. Especially when it’s your first baby, pregnancy and childbirth can be a minefield of information! x

    • Oh, I’m really so sorry to hear this. It’s so sad when you have become excited and are looking forward to the future. As soon as you get that positive result you begin to imagine what will be. I hope you have the support you need around you, big hugs sent your way x


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