Kettlebells, Excuses and Boobs

Monday night marked my return to exercise. I won’t lie, it has taken much motivation. I can think of any excuse not to do exercise. However after feeling so unfit recently and noticing that I am getting out of breath after merely running around after the kids I decided this had to change.

My excuses included,

“It’s too late when my OH gets home, I’m too tired.” He gets home about 6:20pm…That’s not too late, not really.

“I can’t do exercise on an empty stomach, I’ll pass out” – I usually eat with my OH after the kids have gone to bed….Eat with the kids.

“what’s the point in doing a class if I can only do one a week, I won’t get any benefit if it’s only once a week” ….yes I will!

“I washed my hair this morning and don’t want to have to do it again so soon”…just do it!

So off I went to Tesco to buy a new (baggy) T-shirt, all my previously ‘baggy’ t-shirts aren’t really that baggy anymore. Yet another reason for getting off my arse. Now the main problem I have is getting a good Sports Bra. Anybody else hate them? I have slightly larger boobs. Dress size, I’m a 14-16. My bras are an F cup. Now unless I pay a fortune, I just can’t get a decent sports bra. They had one, just one high impact bra in Tesco, 36B! a few medium impact bras up to a DD cup and some yoga crop Tops in S, M, L and XL. I went for the extra large. I couldn’t try it on as the changing room was locked and I had a whining child in the trolley. The XL said on the label said for dress sizes 18 – 20. Well without a bra, my boobs had no support what so ever, the top did not even cover them. They might be big but really? So I decided to wear it over a bra and this way I felt supported. Maybe if this time I keep up the exercise I’ll invest in a decent sports bra!

Thankfully yesterday I was in a good mood, a bad mood could have made all the difference in me going. Off I went to sweat like a pig. Once there I picked up my mat at tried to check out everyone else weights. I’ve never done kettle Bells before but kind of got the idea. Everyone seemed to have 6-12kg weights. The only ones left were 10 and 12 kg. No chance was I going to use these on my first attempt. So, like the obvious newbie I had to ask for smaller weights. Only I wasn’t the only newbie, 3 others then came forward and asked for lighter weights.

45 minutes later my legs like felt like jelly and my shoulders ached but do you know what I enjoyed it. I did actually wonder as I staggered to the car how I would actually drive home. Two days later as I publish this post my legs are killing me but I keep telling myself it’s worth it! I will be going week after next (next week is BH, not an excuse just fact ;). Am I crazy to think I might give spinning a go next week?



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  1. Well done you require the exercise. I decided to get back into running properly this week (London Marathon inspired it likely won’t last) my thighs are dying!! I’ve remembered though, that it’s the thought and prep of exercise I hate. I actually enjoy running when I’m actually doing I… Oh and with you on the sports bra! These things need support! #blogstravaganza

  2. Good on you mumma! I want to return to exercise too and get my body back fit and healthy but I try to justify why I won’t get off my ass with a million similar excuses. I hope you keep this exercise thing up! Good luck! (If you need a motivational pal you know where to find me) #blogtravaanza

  3. I haven’t done any exercise since giving birth…my excuse being I’d have to lose all the baby fat again with number 2. I plan on exercising after the second baby. I sympathize with your struggles to find good exercise clothes. I hope you continue your motivation and be healthier! #globalblogging

  4. Yay! Well done you! I tried kettlebells a few years ago and my muscles still ache at the thought of it now haha. It really works though! Let me know if you give spinning a try. I’m still trying to pluck up courage for that one. Thanks for linking up with #DreamTeam lovely xx

    • Well I tried spinning and it nearly broke me but she convinced me to sign up to next week…so that’s kettlebells on monday and spinning on tuesday…!!!!! x

  5. Such a great story. I hadn’t exercised regularly since high school up until about 2 months ago. It really does help me energize. I love it once I’m there, it’s the getting up to go that kills me.

  6. I’m so happy you made the washing your hair comment! I thought I was the only one who thought this!!! Thanks for linking to #GlobalBlogging


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