Leading by Example: Teaching our kids the fun in health

One aspect of parenting that we all want to try and get right (most of the time) is the health of our family. Parents often make many sacrifices for their children to ensure the kids can have the very best of everything. But are these sacrifices a good example to set the kids? Are you too busy to sit and eat with them? Do they spot you snacking on something from a packet instead? Or do you do this behind the cupboard door? Sometimes the best way to teach your kids how to take care of themselves is to lead by example. Show them that your own health is important too.


Joining in and making fitness a fun family activity can be a great way to set up good habits for life. If your little ones are playing catch or football in the garden, then get stuck in! It’s good to show that grown-ups should be just as active as the kids. You’re showing them how much fun an active lifestyle can be, regardless of age and size. Best of all, it’s fun and you’re getting some quality time together.


So what can you actually do that’s in your own garden? What activities can you enjoy with the kids? There is nothing wrong with leading the way and initiating active fun. Many large trampolines for the garden can take adult weight. Why not check out which trampolines for sale will suit your garden and get bouncing? It’s a very good activity for burning calories and strengthening the legs Best of all, bouncing is something the kids love to do. Whenever we have playdates, the kids always make a run for the trampoline. Even my 1 year old gets on and attempts to jump!


Beyond all the fun ball games, you can also try skipping. This is a very good aerobic activity and helps with coordination for your little one’s development too. My daughter still hasn’t mastered it but it’s been fun trying to teach her. Activities like skipping and trampolining can be enjoyed in short bursts. You can each take turns, and have fun trying to beat personal bests each week. If your kids are a little older, why not scoot around the forest on your scooters, or get out on your bikes?


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Of course, good family health is supported by a good diet. Family meals are a great opportunity to spend quality time together. Sometimes when you’re in a rush, and the kids are being fussy, you might make something quick and easy. You might even go without yourself if their mealtime is a little too early for you. Try to arrange your schedule to give you all a chance to sit and eat together. The kids will see the importance of a good meal because you’ve all made the time to sit to it together.


Do you often hide the veg? This can be an easy way to make sure your kids are getting the nutrition they need without the arguments. However, if they see you regularly enjoying recognisable pieces of vegetable, they might be more encouraged to join in. You could still hide a portion in the sauce, but put veggies on the side as well. Sure, they might ignore them the first ten times, but eventually they may start to enjoy them too. I always tell my daughter that it’s good to try things but ok if she doesn’t like it after trying it. That way there’s no pressure.


Mums are self-sacrificing because sometimes we need to be. And we’re happy to for the sake of the kids. Sometimes, however, it could be incredibly good for them to see us taking care of ourselves.


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