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Our first family holiday abroad with our daughter


When my now 4 year old was a baby, my boyfriend and I could think of nothing worse than travelling abroad with a baby.  Too much hard work we told ourselves. She won’t appreciate it we thought. She turned 2 in the April and we decided that we would brave it later that year at the end of September.  We booked an all inclusive deal to Turkey. Child friendly. Lots of restaurants. Next to the beach. It looked amazing.

The holiday arrived and she had a cold, full of snot we boarded the plane. Armed with an Ipad and a bag full of goodies we tentatively took our seats. We examined the people near us attempting to weigh up if they would be annoyed by any antics our daughter could potentially decide to display. Good, there are other families nearby. We felt a little reassured.

Off we go all smiles. Then the first hurdle. The ipad appears to be glued to my daughters hands. Even when the air hostess asked us to switch off the device for take off, we had to tear it away from her. This proceeded to the first set of tears. Out come the snacks! Luckily the rest of the journey was fine. Lots of getting up and down but surprisingly fine. The transfer to the hotel was fine also. The hotel was amazing, so family friendly and the staff were great with my daughter. Play areas, choice of poolsbeach on our doorstep. The hotel was everything that pre children we would have avoided but now these facilities were on our must have list. We did do our research, lots of it! Even with a snotty nose my daughter was smiling and so were we.

Of course we had tantrums and tired evening meals. The way we saw it was although holidays were now very different and far from relaxing, they were still there to be enjoyed. Why shouldn’t we have a bit of sunshine, beach and indulgence? Same tantrums but we get to ditch the cooking, cleaning and work for a week.

A family resort is that – a family resort. As soon as you settle in and see that everyone has children that can be a little angel one minute then a little devil the next, you realise it’s not just you. You have to accept that holidays with children cannot be the same as without but can still be enjoyable. 

One day we’ll venture away from the AI resort, but right now we needed the security of knowing our little one was catered for.

For anyone contemplating their first holiday abroad with a child then my advice is just do it. Lower your expectations and loose the agenda. That way you’ll enjoy the holiday much more.

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