Now you are 19 months.

I know we say it all the time but you really do grow up so fast. So I really wanted to write down what you are like, all the little things that I love about you and all the things that drive me crazy. For you are no longer a baby, you are a full on toddler embracing everything a toddler should be.

You have the most infectious laugh and nothing makes me happier than to listen to you laugh with your sister. Watching you develop so quickly is exhausting though, I’m not sure how I’m supposed to keep with you.

Milestones: 19 Months Old

You seem to be saying so many words now, I’m not sure if many other people would be able to tell what you are saying but we can:


Daddeee (or Dida sometimes)

Ro Ro (your sister)

Iss way (This way)

Det down (get down)

NO (which you say with much enthusiasm)

Bees (please, which you also say with much enthusiasm and whilst doing a little excited jazz hands motion)


Oooos (shoes)

Nooo (nose)


Eeee (Ear)

Mow (Mouth)

Ooo eee (poo wee, whilst wafting your nose)

Wee wee (when you’ve done a poo!)

Dout dide (outside)

Wone (Phone)


Mik (milk)

Bee (boo)

Lellie (Ellie)

Barebel (careful)

You will babble on looking convinced we know what you are talking about.

Milestones: 19 Months Old

You confidently walk up the stairs and slide down on your belly! You are practicing jumping, you might only leave the ground a centimetre behind but you love trying. You absolutely love climbing, often using the folded up maiden as ladders to get to the kitchen worktop. You certainly keep us on our toes.

You have begun the tantrums, big style! If you don’t get your own way you cry hysterically and throw yourself on the floor! I’ve given up trying to make the situation better as it just seems to make things worse. You just have to tire yourself out with it.

You have this funny way of tilting your head to one side whilst telling us something clearly very important.

You are obsessed with cars, you brrrruuuuummm brrrruuuuummm cars all around the house. You are also obsessed with the TV remote and the iPad (just like your sister). We have to hide all devices from the both of you sometimes and then I forget where I’ve hid them.

It looks like a balance bike might be on the cards for a christmas present after you really enjoyed using a friends little boys. You didn’t want to get off but at 9pm at a bbq we really had to peel you off to go home.

Your blonde curls and big eyes get so much attention and you have on occasion been mistaken for a girl? Time to get your haircut soon…maybe?

You eat the most peculiar things for a toddler. You will eat a wedge of lemon, spicy curry and nippits.

You love to copy us, standing on your step at the sink brushing your teeth and making a spit noise even though nothing comes out. You have all sorts of funny little expressions that make us giggle.

Your latest trick is getting a stool to climb on to get in the fridge!

Wyevale Garden Centre

Your are our funny, happy little man. Your tantrums may be mega but your smiley, happy face melts my heart. Your sister made us parents but have completed our family. I count myself extremely lucky to have you.

Love you lots, little man x

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  1. Aww this is lovely! My eldest had long hair too when he was small and people often thought he was a girl! I love all the little words and how no one else would probably understand him but you do. Love update posts like this cx #thesatsesh #fortheloveofblog

  2. Aww such a great capture of where your little boy is now! I love capturing where they are at the different stages. It is such a great way to look back and remember what they were doing and when. Your little boy sounds very similar to my little girl is who is only a couple months older. Cheeky laugh but knows what they want when they want and will defiantly let us know! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! #fortheloveofBLOG

  3. This is such a lovely post and has reminded me I need to do another one for my kids. Usually I do one altogether but I love the idea of doing a post for each separate child – especially important with the twins. I love how precise you’ve been – e.g. the tilting of the head – something you may have forgotten had you not written it here. He is gorgeous – definitely leave the curls a bit longer 🙂 xx #thesatsesh


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