Well there’s no surprise. Personally, I find cleaning the car the chore that tops my list.

Things I’ve learned about cleaning the car:

  1. Even when you think you’ve done a pretty good job the kids will still discover crumb coated sticky raisins…and then eat them.
  2. No one who has kids has an immaculate car, if they do…please ask them to come and train my kids.
  3. Car manufacturers need to stop making seats with seams and crevices because once crumbs find their way in there they ain’t coming out! Not even my Dyson is gets them all.

There are some people in this world that love cleaning! No, I don’t understand why either! Sometimes I really wish I had a cleaner. Even if it was only every couple of weeks or once a month. However, I would be that person who spends a crazy hour cleaning prior to them arriving to avoid the embarrassment of all the dusty corners and grubby handles.

The worst task in my opinion has to be cleaning the floor and the skirting boards. Followed closely by cleaning the car. The issue with the car is pretty much the moment you have cleaned the car inside or out it is dirty again, within no time at all.

As a family we are always out for muddy walks and bike rides so the car at times resembles a mud pit. Then there is the windscreen that looks reasonably clean until the sun shines directly on it and shows up all the dirt in all its glory.


I Must Be Mad Cleaning The Car The Moment I Had…A Moment!


Recently I was sent some Armour All interior car cleaning products to try out. So one afternoon when my toddler took an unexpected nap what did I do? No, the TV didn’t get switched on and no I didn’t even get so far a switching the kettle on. I popped outside and gave the interior of our car the quickest clean possible. The kit included glass cleaning wipes, leather cleaning wipes, multi purpose spray and gloss protectant.

Cleaning the car with armour all

The multi purpose spray did a pretty good job of getting most of the mud off the interior but I think some soapy water is needed to get the remainder off. After using the multi purpose spray I finished the dashboard off with the gloss protectant. The glass cleaning wipes were my favourite (I can’t believe I’m saying I have a favourite but they worked!). They were so easy to use and left no streakiness behind. The leather wipes did a fab job and none of them had an offensive smell.


I’ve left the wipes in the car to remind me to keep on top of it!

What The Bloggers Said


I recently asked some fabulous bloggers their most hated chores.

Ironing by far was the most hated chore followed by…

Cleaning the bathroom


Washing up

Emptying the kitchen bin

Putting clean washing away

Cleaning the car


Emptying the dishwasher.


I think my OH and I try and see who can leave this one to the other one too! Sarah from JustButtons Blog –  I hate emptying the kitchen bins!! I always get my husband to do it… I can’t stand the smell!


Sara jayne from Keep Up With The JonesThree boys in this house – cleaning the bathroom is the worst. I’m thinking of just laying out plastic sheets or coating the floor in puppy training pads – seriously, how hard is it to aim into a toilet bowl?!


Charlotte from MummyToolBox 1000% ironing. We got fed up with not being able to wear clothes we wanted because we couldn’t be bothered to iron them. So. Now we have someone pick up and drop off once a week!


Fiona from A MumTrackMinddefinitely cleaning the stairs! We have two flights in our house and it drives me bonkers – so faffy and awkward!


I’m with Rebecca from Kizmetcava on this one –  I hate doing the windows, no matter how much elbow grease I put in, I always feel disappointed when I sit back to admire them. They are usually streaky and nowhere near as sparkly as they seemed close up.

Which chores do you hate the most? Or do you actually like cleaning?

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Armour All Car Cleaning Kit

Please note I was gifted the cleaning set. Opinions are however entirely my own.


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