Why you need Mummy Time

A much needed girlie weekend away with friends

Dare I say it again? It’s hard being a parent. So back in March when one of my best friends asked if I fancied a girlie weekend away in September my first thought was OH YES! In march my baby boy was 2 months old and suddenly I began to question my acceptance to this weekend away.

This time round breastfeeding was going wonderfully well. I worked out he would be 8 months old at the time of the weekend break. He would probably be comfortable with food, would I still be breastfeeding? Would I still be wanting to breastfeed? Would he be ok with his Daddy? Don’t get me wrong, his Daddy is great and I had no doubt about his abilities. It was more the fact that with breastfeeding our baby boy had bonded with me much more, definitely a mummy’s boy at that point.

Thankfully all was well and he was on bottles by the time the weekend away approached and his bond with his Daddy was much stronger.

I can’t tell you how excited I was about the weekend away. I got my bags packed, bought wine and munchies and made sure the fridge was well stocked for my absence.

Ready to go and my daughter had a melt down. A major melt down. She’s not normally like that and my heart broke in two. “I don’t want you to go, I’ll miss you too much mummy” she sobbed. Her little face all red with tears running down her face as she begged me not to go. At that moment I could have easily got back out of the car and abandoned the weekend away. I struggled to hold back the tears. My baby boy on the other hand hadn’t got a clue, he was happy laughing at his Daddy. Daddy to the rescue, bribery with chocolate seemed to help the situation. I gave her a big cuddle and a kiss and had to promise to bring something about princesses back!

Off I went, tears wiped away and feeling guilty. Reassured myself that she would be fine. That they would be fine. That I’m only 2 hrs away if needed. I was driving on my own, music on…and relax.

TalkingMums - Coastal Path Pwllheli

I arrived about 8pm so I probably don’t need to tell you that the first thing I did was open a bottle of wine. The accommodation was luxury. The scenery gorgeous and the hot tub calling! We had a lovely weekend, talking, eating and drinking. What more could a mummy ask for? For this weekend mummy duties were on hold! I honestly think that time away like this is therapy for mums. We need a good old chat sometimes without constant interruptions. Time to be ourselves.

Of course I missed my little family, but that weekend did me the world of good. I went home on the Sunday refreshed and ready to dish out some very big hugs.


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  1. Totally agree with this! It’s like therapy just to take time out isn’t it? Definitely when they are small. Now my are teens there is so much time for me to do something for me that the need to go away isn’t as big but I remember those days of just needing a break! #BloggerClubUK

  2. Been a mum is brilliant but sometimes it’s nice to ditch the duties and do something for yourself! Very jealous of the hot tub, I need some of that in my life!! #bloggerclubuk

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend away and yes us mummies need it for sure. I went on a hen weekend last year and I’m still yet to have another weekend off since! glad you enjoyed it hunnie. thanks for sharing #BloggerClubUk

  4. I think it is sometimes taken for granted how much being a parent takes it out of you mentally and physically.
    A break is always needed and makes you appreciate them instead of wanting to throttle them!

  5. I had my first day away from Kipper on Saturday when I went to blogfest and I felt a little teary when I left even though he is 6 months old an I had left the first at 8 weeks! I really struggled but once there I was fine and it gave me hope for returning to work! You are right though it does us the world of good… thank you for joining us at #bloggerclubuk hope to see you again this week x

    • Glad you enjoyed your time off and enjoyed blogfest16. It’s lovely having time away but then more lovely getting back to them.

  6. These times are so important for us moms =) Like you mentioned, we come back refreshed ready to dish out the big hugs. Glad you had a grand time with friends to reset and remember the other part of who we are as moms. #madaboutblog

    • Thank you, we only need it from time to time but it is so easy to neglect that need. As we (quite rightly) always put our kids first. Just now and again we need to put ourselves first.


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