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Last week I had the pleasure of guest co-hosting the fabulous #DreamTeam linky. This is a linky that I discovered early on in my blogging days September last year and I’ve loved taking part ever since. So when the opportunity of guest co-hosting came up I put my hand up straight away.


Reading so many posts made it hard to pick my favourites but these two stood out for me.


First up was ‘Feeling Out of Sync With Everyone Else’ by Lucy from Lucy at home. In this post she tells us how going through major life changes such as meeting her now husband at an early age, getting married soon after and having children young compared with her peers resulted in her feeling out of sync with friends. Feeling like she didn’t quite fit in with other people’s lives the same way she once did. It’s really hard when your lives become different to your peer group, you start to feel like you’ve moved from being an integral part of the group to just a bystander getting overlooked.

I can relate to Lucy in many ways. Most of my friends have older children where mine are only little, one being a toddler. Often while they can leave their kids to run around and enjoy themselves and have a good old natter together, I am running around after a one year old keeping a close eye on him. Different family circumstances make socialising tricky. Days out are designed for the older children. So Lucy I can relate as I’m sure many others can too.

As Lucy puts it so well, they are singing to their own tune and it’s ok to be different to others. We don’t need to run in harmony with everybody else’s lives and we should stop comparing.


My other favourite post is ‘16 Top Advice for New Moms’ by Crystal from ‘Sharing Life’s Moments’. She decided to jot down her top tips on being a mum after a friend became pregnant. All the points are so, so true. Especially the first one about living in the moment as time really does fly. Pud is 17 months old already and Pops 5. Those first 12 months especially fly by. I also agree with her when she says that parents shouldn’t be afraid to say admit when they are wrong to their kids and also shouldn’t be afraid to say ‘No’. Kids learn from our actions so it’s crucial we practice what we preach. She also reminds us to take care of ourselves. A really important point.



Please show them some blog love and pop over to read the posts. Don’t forget to join Bridget, Annette and Dawn on #DreamTeam, every Tuesday 6am until Thursday evening at 9pm.


  1. Oh thank you so much for including me here and I’m so glad that you could relate to it too. I think people can feel out of sync or different for all kinds of reasons. #dreamteam


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