One year old already
One year old already

The Pudster turns one.

His character, relationships and milestones.


I know people say it over and over again, but where did the last year go? We celebrated our son’s first birthday at the end of January. I often think that first year is the one with the biggest adjustments and biggest milestones for parents. They change so much in their first year and quite often it’s easy to forget some of those smaller changes.

So Pud, I write this as a way of remembering our first year together.

How it all began

My little Pud, newborn baby.
My little Pud

I still vividly remember the day of your birth. Meeting you was such a positive experience. I vividly remember the first time your daddy held you and the first time your sister met you. The bond was instant. Your sister was in awe of you and she was so excited. As a parent you always worry how a new baby will fit into the current family dynamics. We were so lucky that you fit right in.

What you are like.

Like all babies you started off being this helpless wriggly little baby, the only sound you made was crying, an occasional gurgle and little trumps and burps. You were completely immature and totally dependent on me and your daddy.

When you came along we had to get used to the sleepless nights again. That we did and you persist to wake through the night. Ok, it got less as you reached the 6 months mark but you still to this day wake in the night. It’s ok though, that is my job. To be here for you. Whenever and wherever. Always.

One year milestones
Grumpy boy!

From being a small baby up till you were mobile you were calm and relaxed. That all changed once you were on your feet and realised there was a whole world out there. You certainly keep us on our toes. Once you started walking you discovered climbing too. Nothing is out of bounds. You discovered the stairs so we put up a stair gate, you discovered the cupboards, we put on locks. You love the bin…we can’t really put the bin away. The recycle bin is your favourite, if you are alone for more than a couple of seconds we find milk cartons and card all over the kitchen!

Your sister has entered the world of play dates after school and whilst I would love to sit with a bru and chat to her friends mummy I spend my time running around after you, stopping you emptying the contents of their draws, bins, fireplaces and anything else you can get your hands on.

You make a noise like a little lamb when you want something. Which does make us laugh. You also pull some funny faces when you are grumpy.

Your relationship with me

Happy times
Happy times

I’m sorry I’m grumpy sometimes (a lot of the time), sleep deprivation takes it out of you but I promise I will try to curb the grumpiness and give you the smiles you deserve. You know I’m the one who makes you do the things you don’t like. For example having your face cleaned, changing your bottom, pulling you away from the bin etc so recently you have started to have little tantrums! You are my little shadow though, regularly coming up to me and giving me little snuggles and cuddles. I can’t get enough of your big beautiful green eyes and infectious chuckle.Unfortunately you suffer from second child syndrome, I promise this next year I will make a better effort to put in the same time I did with your sister, we will read books more, play more and take more trips out.

Your relationship with your daddy

You love daddy and he gets the biggest smile when he comes home from work, you can hardly contain your excitement once you see or hear him. You are usually just out of the bath and doing a little naked dance at the top of the stairs when he comes home. Daddy loves to play with you and often gets you all excited at bedtime! It’s clear to see the bond between you two too.

Your relationship with your sister

Fun times
Fun times

You adore your sister. She was the first one to really make you chuckle, I mean a proper belly laugh. Amazingly we have this documented on video too. She adores you. I’m not sure she really understood how little you were to begin with. She loves to give you cuddles which turn into squeezes. From day one she has been like a second mummy to you and has been such a help to me. You follow her around like a little shadow, when you’re not following me around! Now you like to steal her toys which usually she doesn’t mind but sometimes results in tears. She really looks after you though. Her new love are Shopkins, I don’t really get it. They’re plastic items with faces! If you manage to get your hands on one she whips it off you telling you not to eat it. She really does love you.

Your milestones

You have developed so much. You reached your milestones at pretty much the same times as your sister.

  • You rolled over at 4mths.
  • Sat up unaided at 5mths.
  • Crawled at 5 ½ mths.
  • Cruised around the furniture at 8mths
  • Walked confidently unaided at 9mths.
  • You were breastfed until 6 months and we started weaning you onto food at 5 months. You love food. Luckily you aren’t fussy! There are times your appetite fluctuates as does your sisters and I have to remind myself of this when you occasionally won’t eat much.
  • You are yet to sleep through the night!


Those big green eyes
Those big green eyes

You may be a handful but I love that you are full of energy. You may be cheeky, but that cheeky smile melts my heart. You may have started having mini tantrums when you don’t get your own way, but I like that you have fire in your belly. I love to watch you dance away to music, anything with a good beat has you going. Your knees, arms and head all moving to the music. You are a gorgeous boy with the most amazing chuckle. I feel truly lucky to have you as my son.

Most of all I love you so very much.

Love from mummy x

Update: Check out what this monkey is like at 19 months old!

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  1. What a lovely way to document those first year milestones. I would so love to have done this for mine. I think my first had the start of a baby book and the rest I have nothing, foolishly thinking I would remember it all! #KCACOLS

  2. Walked at 9 months wowzers. Ollie is 13 months and not ready to walk yet lol! This is a fab post what a great way to remember everything he did in his first year of life 🙂 Thank you for linking up with #KCACOLS we hope to see you again 🙂 xx

  3. Oh man! What a cutie! And what a sweet post 🙂 It made me all teary as my littlest (and last) is 6 weeks from turning 1 and I don’t know where the time went! And my oldest is going to be 18 this year!!!! WHAT!? Hold them close and often 🙂 Thanks for sharing! I want to do a post like this for my blog now. It’s really neat seeing how other people share their families and kids lives!!! #KCACOLS

  4. I love posts like this, I didn’t start my blog until recently, so all my baby-updates went via facebook on a weekly basis for the first year. (More-so for me to remember and to connect with family I don’t get to see or speak to often!) My son was 1 at the end of Jan too, and he’s yet to sleep through too, if anyone has any tricks that would be great hahaha! I’m glad your children have such a lovely bond, it’s so beautiful to see 🙂 #KCACOLS Becky x

  5. Aww lovely message to your bubs. Good to know I’m not the only one still being woken up. Two years + in here tho. So many mums make it seem like there’s something wrong with the child. It’s perfectly normal.

    Happy Birthday little dude


  6. How lovely. Being 1 is so special and ticking off all of those firsts. Make sure you record them – well I guess you have by having them here in the blog. I always fell into the trap of thinking I’d remember a lot of these ages and milestones but unfortunately you don’t always! #KCACOLS


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