Parents, road trips don’t have to be dangerous.

We’re off on a road trip this summer. We’re giving the annual trip overseas a miss this year in favour of a staycation. A road trip is a fantastic way to get away for a couple of weeks and enjoy the holiday season. After all, the UK has so much to offer, so staying in the country is always a great choice.

One thing that puts families off a road trip is the potential dangers and the amount of time spent in the car. It would be wrong to say that driving around the country in a packed car with tired mums and dads isn’t completely safe. However, it doesn’t have to be unsafe as long as you take precautions.

Accept That Accidents Can Happen

Sadly, it is impossible to rule out an accident no matter how hard you try. And, even though it isn’t nice, it’s important to accept that the law of averages doesn’t always work in your favour. Instead of letting it dictate your life, though, you should understand the random nature of life. Yes, there may be a crash which results in a child accident claims process and a court case. However, the odds of it happening are slim, so why worry? What you should do is take the necessary measures to stay safe and leave the rest to fate.


Here are a few things which Talking Mums think should make the journey extra safe.

Take The Car To The Mechanic

With that in mind, the motor needs a checkup before it goes anywhere long distance. Cars are notoriously unreliable, especially on long trips. Sometimes, it is just a flat tyre or a smoking engine that breaks the bank instead of any bones. But, a small issue can escalate into something massive. Or, it could be a big deal to begin with, such as brake failure. To prevent any undue incidents on the road, ask a mechanic to give it a once over. Also make sure your insurance is up to date and you have breakdown cover. Personally when driving long distance I would make sure you have the premium packages where they make sure you have accommodation whilst someone looks at your car.

Ignore The Racket

With the kids in the back, the car can feel more like a zoo than anything else. The commotion can affect your focus. However, it’s essential that you keep your concentration, and your eyes, on the road. Why? It’s because one small slip can lead to an incident. Even people that have been driving for decades aren’t infallible. The roads are busy places, and lots of things can happen at once. To avoid an accident, your focus must be at its highest. So, leave the kids to your partner and drown out the noise until you feel comfortable. It’s also another reason why I thinks kids should be in the back seat. When they are next to you in the front I think they are more of a distraction.

Drive To A Timer

Everyone thinks they can drive through the tiredness barrier, but they are wrong. Previously having driven after nights shifts I can tell you driving whilst tired is so dangerous. As soon as you feel sleepy, no amount of breeze or loud music will keep you alert. The only option is to pull over and rest for the night. As such, a time limit is a smart idea. By giving yourself a deadline, you know when to stop and look for accommodation at the end of the day. Then, there is no reason to continue driving while tired and groggy. Try to plan your journeys so that you are not driving for too long in one stint.

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