Review of the Munchkin 360 Sippy Cup
Review of the Munchkin 360 Sippy Cup


Product Review: Miracle 360° Sippy Cup – 10oz/296ml1

Disclosure: This is a product I bought myself, all opinions are my own.

Brand description: 

Munchkin 360 Sippy cup
Munchkin 360 Sippy cup

Meet the multi-award winning Miracle 360˚ Cup. Drink naturally from anywhere on the 360° rim, without worrying about spills. The lid automatically reseals after drinking – perfect for a growing kid on the move.

RRP: £5

Munchkin 360 Sippy cup
All parts to the Munchkin 360 Sippy cup

My opinion

The Miracle 360 Sippy cup in my opinion is fab. It does leak a little when dropped but doesn’t drip at all when in use or shaken around. When I first gave it Pud at about 10 months old he didn’t really know what to do. So, I depressed the lid slightly so a few drops of water would drip out and put it to his mouth (just so he knew what was in it!) and hey presto it worked. He loves it now, no problems. So here are the good and bad points:

Good points ✔

Bad points ❌

  • Leak proof and 100% spill proof.
  • Removable valve for cleaning.
  • Smalls can drink from anywhere around the rim.
  • No small parts or awkward areas to clean.
  • BPA Free.
  • It’s Spout free so helps transition to open cup.
  • Leaks a little when dropped but I don’t find it an issue.


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Please note we were not paid for this review. This was a product we bought ourselves and like it that much wanted to share our thoughts with you.



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