Positive Parenting
Positive Parenting

10 Reasons I am Rocking Motherhood

Thanks to Claire at The Pramshed for tagging me in the Rocking Motherhood Tag and thanks to Patricia at White Camellias for starting the tag off.

All parents know that raising kiddies can be an uphill struggle. Every so often we stop struggling and try to enjoy the moments and make happy happy memories. I really try to let those good times shine through the bad but it is all too easy to regard yourself as a bad parent. It’s easy to consider that you just aren’t good enough and your kids are going to turn out all screwed up because you couldn’t get your s**t together.

Not today, not whilst I write my 10 reasons for #RockingMotherhood. Time to take stock of what makes me a good mum. Here goes.

  • Amongst the madness and chaos, I am always hugging, kissing and telling my children how much I love them. I don’t ever want them to think otherwise. I love that I am able to be affectionate with my children. I know that may sound strange but I’m a bit funny about personal space. As far as my OH and my kids go I’ve always got open arms.
Fun times
Fun times
  • I don’t mind being silly with them. You’ll never see me do this out in public though! But at home I will dance and sing with them, read stories with crazy voices, play dress up and make believe.
  • I secretly, actually love doing treasure hunts with Pops (Pud’s a little too young yet!). Now they are written clues but before Pops could read I would draw picture clues. She absolutely loved it. She would reciprocate and draw me clues…these treasure hunts sometimes went on for a while!
  • OK, so I am far from perfect. My daughter has a burger from that well known burger place where she asks for a kids pack once in awhile, sometimes tea is cheese and beans on toast and of course she eats chocolate and cake sometimes but roughly 90% of the time I make home cooked meals, homemade sauces and aim to encourage my children to try new flavours and new meals. It takes some planning and effort but they totally are worth it.
  • We love reading
    We love reading

    We read to Pops nearly every night. I’ve never been a book person and have always quite envious of people who can curl up with a book and relax. I really want my children to love books and reading. I wrote a post on ‘The importance of reading to children’. We’ve started reading to Pud too. He seems to love turning the pages and babble along.


  • I take Pops to her swimming lesson every week and her drama class every week. With a 1 year old, this can be quite difficult as he just wants to get down and explore. But she loves them so we carry on.
  • Together with my OH we always try to do something at the weekend that is for them. Be it a trip to the park, a day at the zoo, a walk in hills or playdates etc. We like them to have fun at the weekend. What we would like to do usually gets put on hold. Buts thats ok because family time is important. Especially now Pops is at school, I think she needs down time and fun at the weekend.
  • I’ve taken a career break for 5 years whilst they are little. Partly because childcare options just don’t seem to be a viable option for many reasons. Mainly because I wanted to involved with the school runs, assemblies, playdates, stay and play an so on. I didn’t want my children to be in childcare from 6:45am until 6pm. I know am lucky to have this option and I am embracing it with wide open arms. But a career break is just that, I have put a career that I’ve worked really hard at for 10 years on hold.
  • We are planning a road trip for the summer holidays. We know that our pre children holidays are very different to post children holidays. We are ok with that, they will grow up very quick and the cultural, adventure style holidays can resume at some point. So while they are little we want to have child centred holidays. My daughter is fascinated by caravans and motorhomes. So, in the summer we will hire a motorhome and have a two weeks (ish) road trip north. I’m actually really excited about this.
  • I try my best to teach my children to be good people, honest and kind. I really want them to be confident and happy in their own skin too. Sometimes I have to be careful that I don’t impart my own insecurities on them. For example, ‘I look horrible in this’ or ‘I can’t do this’. I want to show them positivity. I don’t manage this all the time, I’m human. I have days when I am seriously grumpy but I really try. Sometimes it’s easier to let them win or get away with naughtiness but I try my best to teach them right from wrong.
Happy times
Happy times

Wow, I actually did have 10 reasons!!

I am tagging these lovelies to get writing their 10 reasons too:

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  1. This is such a lovely post. Thank you so much for taking part and celebrating #RockingMotherhood. No one is perfect and we all try our best but for some reason it’s always easier to focus on where we fall short as mothers rather than what we are doing well. Your treasured hunts sound awesome and such a good idea. I think I will try these with my littles and see if they will enjoy it. 😊

  2. I love love love this tag. I think it is so important to stop mum-bashing ourselves and to actually acknowledge some of the great things that we are doing for our little ones. Even just reading these makes me feel empowered and positive. You are most definitely rocking motherhood! Ooh and thanks for the treasure hunt idea – I’ll definitely be trying that! Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x

  3. My favourite blogging tag yet – I love that we are recognising what an amazing job we are doing! It took me ages to write my ten, I just couldn’t think of a single one, but once I started writing I realised there are so many reasons. Us mums rock! #dreamteam


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