Sorry, It’s been a while! I’ve been to Bluestone, Wales.

For anyone who reads my blog I’m sorry I’ve been away a while.

I took a leisurely week away over half term. I was a bad blogger and didn’t schedule anything other than a few tweets, I had no posts ready to publish, my site didn’t change for a whole week and a half (gasp!). I had some much needed family time. No time constraints, no hiding away to quickly write a blog post or upload photos and write posts for Facebook.

I love blogging but this little break was much needed. My family deserved my attention and I wanted theirs, of course I took loads of photos but I wanted to be involved in the fun, not a bystander. Over the next couple of weeks I have so much to tell you about. So please come back and check out our Bluestone adventures.

Bluestone wales
The Steep ravine leading to Camp Smokey.


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