Santa Experience 2017 Church Farm

Mummy, Is He The Real Santa?


Last weekend we went to see Santa! We went to Church Farm on the Wirral with their cousins. We arrived with 4 very excited children, all wrapped up and ready to meet the magical Father Christmas. We had a tractor ride to the forest at the edge of the farm. As we got off, we were met by one of Santa’s elves. She guided us through the gently lit forest to a box. The kids had make the magic happen to light the lanterns that would light our way through the trees.

Another elf came to join us and led us to the elves workshop. This part was really fun as a little mouse talked to the children and told us about a cat that was chasing him. The cat and the mouse had a little chase around the workbench which made all the children giggle.

Santa Experience 2017 Church Farm

Next along the forest path was a stable. Rudolph then popped his head out of a window. He told the children how Santa would recognise each of the children’s houses (helped by a little info from the grown ups!). We sang a Christmas song and proceeded on to see Santa himself.

Santa Experience 2017 Church Farm

I loved watching the kids faces as Santa appeared. It’s that smile of sweet innocence and naivety. It was a cold afternoon yet you could sense the warm glow created by the happiness of the families as they watched and listened to Santa talk to the children. You almost hear the excitement in the silence of the children as they are overwhelmed by the moment.

Santa Experience 2017 Church Farm

A little while ago my daughter did ask about one of the many Santas we’ve ended up seeing. Her inquisitive little mind wondered how Santa can be in so many places at once! I explained that some Santas are his helpers dressed up, that they do this to try and give all children a chance to see Santa at some point. My story grew and I told her that she would know when it was the real Santa as she would see a special sparkle in his eyes and that he would know what she would like for Christmas! Why did I say this? Would any of them have this magic sparkle? Was she to be eternally disappointed by the lack of sparkles? But this is where the magic really happens, her belief made her see the sparkle in this Santa’s eyes. This was the real one she told me, “he had a little sparkle in his eye, I saw it mummy”.

Santa Experience 2017 Church Farm

After seeing Santa the grown ups had a small but delicious cup of mulled wine and a mince pie as the children ate their chocolate Santa. The tractor took us back to the farm ready to go home. We all really enjoyed the Santa experience at Church Farm and would absolutely recommend it.

There are so many options to see Santa these days and sometimes I do think to keep the magic alive seeing him once is ample. He does seem to pop up in so many places these days – shopping malls, high street squares, restaurants and Christmas fairs.

What do you think? Can we see too much of Santa in one Christmas?

We’re off to see The Snowman in Blackpool this weekend, courtesy of Carrot Productions. I can’t wait to see it and share some thoughts next week.


Please note this was NOT a paid opportunity, it was our annual trip to see Santa and we simply wanted to share the fun.


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  1. We have seen so many santas I have no idea what to say any more. My answer is always, well what do you think? My daughter always says no. But I do wonder if when we see so many santas everywhere it kinda takes the magic out of all…? Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub and wishing you a Merry Christmas xx

  2. We only go once a year too to keep it special. It’s so lovely when they really believe that that’s who it is, and I love that your daughter saw “the sparkle” – lovely! #stayclassymama

  3. We’re only seeing Santa once this year but I bet his grandparents will take him too. Thankfully no questions yet but he already seems strangely aware that some Santa’s aren’t real. #stayclassymama

  4. I totally agree that seeing him once is ample to keep the magic alive. I think its made difficult by the various appearances at school, nursery, groups etc don’t always help! Love the twinkle in his eye analogy #coolmumclub


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