Maltesers 1: Diet 0

Giving myself a kick up the backside!

So, I know it’s a pretty common thing to decide on a healthier lifestyle come new year. I think I finally need to follow suit. I feel so unhealthy at the moment. It doesn’t help having an 11 month old that wakes frequently in the night but there I go again making excuses! I think my other half is fed up of me moaning about it. It’s time. It’s definitely time!

The thing is I love food. Well I love nearly all food (I hate mussels and marmite).

I try to remind myself that not only do I need to do it in order to feel better about myself but also to be fitter for my family. I know many health problems are out of our control but some are down to life style. I don’t want to suffer unnecessarily. From my healthier days I remember having so much energy and generally feeling happier and more motivated. At the moment my life is pretty good and I have much to be grateful for but when it comes to me, I need to make changes.

I often make excuses like I’m too tired to exercise in the evening, I’m so tired I just need some chocolate, I can’t go swimming I’ve just washed my hair, I hate the gym everybody is looking at me. When in reality if I actually exercised I probably wouldn’t feel as tired, I could have fruit, I could wear a swimming hat (urgh) and no body is looking at me in the gym (I think and I shouldn’t care!).

I recently did a tag post titled 20 wishes for 2017, being healthy, happy and being organised and motivated are all on my wish list and I think they all go hand in hand. You need one to kickstart the other.

So here is to the start of a healthier me. Time to focus. Especially time to stop making excuses like this:

Maltesers1 : Diet 0



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