Preparation for primary school

Tips on How to Prepare for Primary School


We’re a year into our school life and wow it’s flown by. Pops is just finishing reception, I can’t quite see where this last year has gone. It’s been a lovely year with so many happy times. We’ve been lucky that she enjoys school, has made friends, has made fabulous progress and is attending an outstanding school. You can read about my thoughts when Pops started school in my updated post ‘My Little Girl starts Big School‘.

When I look back to this time last year I found starting school such a big event and had so many questions. Luckily I had friends to advise me what to consider.

Here are a few little tips I’ve picked up along the way.

School Uniforms

What to buy?

Many school websites will have a page or a link on what items are required. Alternatively they usually send a pack of information out to parents with such lists included. If not phone the school and ask them or check out local Facebook groups, there will be other parents in them that will know.

How many?

This really depends on how mucky your little one gets. We generally went through 3 full uniforms a week. Sometimes I would get 2 days out of one uniform and other times just the one day. But having 3 sets meant I had time to wash, dry and iron.

I would say buy the minimum and you could always buy another set if you find you are needing a new uniform every day.

Which items to buy?

Having a daughter I had the choice of buying a pinafore or a skirt to go with her t-shirt. I decided to pinafores – purely because I think they are cute and I would possibly have less chance of needing to change her t-shirt every day. I also bought 3 t-shirts with the school logo on. Next school year I’ll just be buying plain t-shirts, they are cheaper and the logo is covered up by the pinafore anyway.

On the other hand, the PE kits stated plain white t-shirt, with or without logo. I opted for without but I’m considering buying a t-shirt with the logo. Reason being she has started doing some (only a few) off site. I know it’s so unlikely but was she to wander off, at least her t-shirt would tell an adult which school she belonged too.

Cardigan vs Jumper.

For girls I preferred the cardigans, they can also wear this with their summer uniform. I bought 2 and this was sufficient.

Parents' evening
First day of school!

Be prepared for buying shoes!

Growth spurts and active kids mean a few pairs over the year. We’re on our third pair. The best pair we had was from M&S which had a pretty sturdy thick sole. Don’t forget to put their name in shoes too.


Label everything. I can only imagine the chaos at changing time for PE. Labelled uniforms mean they are much more likely to come back to you.

World Book Day
World Book Day


Set up a Facebook group for the class, this has been so valuable. From questions like ‘has anyone picked up Sarah’s cardigan’, to ‘what do they need to take on their school trip’ to ‘everyone’s invited to Liam’s party’. There is bound to be at least one parent in the class who has an older child in the same school – they are a honey pot of information.


If your child is a little reluctant at starting school then let them try on their uniforms over the summer so they become comfortable with it. Talk about the teachers and the school over the summer in the run up to September. Find some good books that have short stories about starting school. 


Work out when your child is better engaged at home, try different times that suit doing homework better. Once you have found a time then stick to it. Set it as routine. That way you’ll be in the routine at making sure it gets done and hopefully your child will be more likely to do it too. We try to do it after school on a friday. That way I don’t have to think about it over the weekend. Reading for us works better in the morning before school.

Hope these help!

Colour run at school
3 Little Buttons
The Pramshed


  1. Love the idea of a FB group as that can help mums like me who are that bit more introverted but actually quite human and nice when you get to know us.
    Also have a strategy for those days when a child refuses to go to school – better to be prepared in advance for such days

  2. ah what wonderful tips! Yes to cardigans for girls! Wonderful idea about the facebook group – really helps to build a community and safety net for the parents. This will be so useful for those with their little ones starting school in September #fortheloveofBLOG

  3. Great tips. I always order three school jumpers with the logo on and one PE tshirt with a logo and the rest comes from M&S, I’ve tried a few brands over the years but they’re the best so far. Loving the sound of a Facebook group, they’re are so many times over the last few years when I really could have done with that!

  4. These are some really good tips. I love the idea of a Facebook group especially as being a first time mum I’d be freaking out about Ben going to school so it would be safety in numbers.
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

  5. Some great advice here, Especially about the homework. I always allow mine to play outside and release some daily frustration before sitting down to work. Starting school is daunting not just for children but us as well! #globalblogging


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